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 Perspectives - zippy
30 year old God Daughter with a young family, has just been told that she has inoperable cancer.

They are starting chemo. The cancer is already at stage 4.

Really puts a perspective on things.
 Perspectives - Zero
It does. Palliative care has moved on loads in the last few years, its now very holistic, trying to achieve a quality of life for the patient, and support for family and loved ones. As long as you cant get it all plugged in, the McMillan nursing team is the place to get this engaged.

Death is a constant, and will affect all of us in its various forms.
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 Perspectives - Bromptonaut
So sorry to hear this.

Zero mentions MacMillan nursing but they also fund excellent services to help with financial consequences of cancer including debt, benefits and other and other money advice.

If she has a terminal diagnosis there are 'Special Rules' for benefits including PIP and UC/New Style ESA.
 Perspectives - R.P.
Awful news Zippy.
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