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 Headphones and tinnitus - Bobby
Didn't want to hijack the other headphones thread......

Since starting the new job 4 weeks ago I have noticed that my tinnitus is getting a lot worse and much more prominent. I suspect its related to the fact that I am now train commuting so have my earphones in from leaving the house to arriving at work and vice versa.

Any other tinnitus sufferers on here , does this sound probable cause? I assume I should just use the one earphone in my non - tinnitus ear?
 Headphones and tinnitus - The Melting Snowman
I've been a mild suffered for years. It's not been bad enough to seek medical advice. I wouldn't have thought earphones would be a problem unless the volume is quite high. In my case 'er indoors shouting probably hasn't helped. That doctor man who posts on here may have some ideas on your points you raise.
 Headphones and tinnitus - God
>>"That doctor man"

 Headphones and tinnitus - smokie
Just a random thought - try not using headphones for a few days and see what happens.

You may find that some types of headphones are worse then others. Or changing the volume level helps.

As per the other thread, I tend to use in-ear ones. but I am often a bit deaf after listening to loud stuff. I'm not surprised by that though.
 Headphones and tinnitus - CGNorwich
See an audiologist, either NHS or private. You may well find a hearing aid designed to mask tinnitus will help.
 Headphones and tinnitus - Bromptonaut
>> See an audiologist, either NHS or private. You may well find a hearing aid designed
>> to mask tinnitus will help.

Certainly worth getting your ears looked at. ISTR it's possible for wax or dry skin to cause tinnitus type symptoms.
 Headphones and tinnitus - CGNorwich
Hearing loss is also believed to be a cause. Brain compensates for lack of sound.
 Headphones and tinnitus - Lygonos
>> Hearing loss is also believed to be a cause. Brain compensates for lack of sound

My understanding too.

I notice it more if I am particulary tired or have been exposed to loud music.

One sided tinnitus is very very rarely associated with a tumour on nerve to that side's ear (acoustic neuroma).

Seen it once in 20 years.
 Headphones and tinnitus - smokie
Our local medical centre now charges for ear de-waxing. Might be £15 per ear, I can't remember.
 Headphones and tinnitus - R.P.
Been through this over the last few weeks. I think it was linked to a persistent head cold. My wife had the full blown flu over Christmas - lasted weeks to shake it off. My tinnitus appears to have cleared now . I've now, for the first time, got bespoke ear protection when riding. Guzzi is noisy !
 Headphones and tinnitus - Bobby
I have already done the audiologist bit and had an MRI scan for the reasons Lygonos suggests. So I have an NHS Opticom hearing aid for that ear but take it out when walking (cos it amplifies the wind noise) and to let me use my earphones.
 Headphones and tinnitus - Dulwich Estate II
" Our local medical centre now charges for ear de-waxing. Might be £15 per ear, I can't remember. "

I have had success going the DIY way. Using Audiclean, Total Ear Care System, gives you a bottle of softening stuff and then a pressurised syringing thing. Works for me.
 Headphones and tinnitus - Duncan
Or the charmingly named Earol
 Headphones and tinnitus - CGNorwich
Specsavers gave be bottle of that stuff. I checked the ingredients online . It is 100% pure olive oil which at the advertised price of £5.99 makes it £599 per litre.

Its not even Extra Virgin

 Headphones and tinnitus - Rudedog
I've suffered from bilateral tinnitus for many many years, mine is a constant background 'ringing' noise, I always have to have some kind of 'other' low-level background sound to counteract it (radio at night, radio in the garden).

Not 100% what has caused it but I used to spend a lot of time in the sea, and one time stupidly dived into a very deep swimming pool going straight to the bottom, when I came up I was deaf for 3-4 days! Plus I was unwell probably 15years ago and was hospitalised on regular IV antibiotics (gentamicin) for over a month, I've read that tinnitus is a potential side-effect.

 Headphones and tinnitus - Bobby
Funny you should mention swimming.

After lots of shouts about being a chicken from my kids, I agreed to go down a long flume on holiday that finished by launching you over a deep pool at speed.

I hit the water and went down further than I have ever done before and felt a crack in my ear. Hearing was full for a couple of days till all the water came out but I’m convinced that was how the tinnitus originated.

I too go to sleep with radio on and always have music of some sort on when doing tasks around house. Quiet surroundings means listening to a ringing high pitched noise.
 Headphones and tinnitus - BiggerBadderDave
"listening to a ringing high pitched noise"

Scousers next door?
 Headphones and tinnitus - Bromptonaut
>> Scousers next door?


Mrs B was born in Liverpool (nearest Maternity Hospital to parental home in Crosby). My son is an honorary Liverpudlian having been at Liverpool Hope Uni and now living in Aigburth with his Scouse g/f.
 Headphones and tinnitus - Manatee
>> Specsavers gave be bottle of that stuff. I checked the ingredients online . It is
>> 100% pure olive oil which at the advertised price of £5.99 makes it £599 per
>> litre.
>> Its not even Extra Virgin

Yes but it's pharmacological olive oil.

It's a bit like buying groceries in a marina shop. There is special expensive butter for use on boats.
 Headphones and tinnitus - Lygonos
>>Or the charmingly named Earol

Had a patient mistake his Earcalm for his nasal spray.

Happened only once.

£1500 per litre for vinegar, water and preservatives.
 Headphones and tinnitus - CGNorwich
If you mix Earol amd Earcalm in a ration of 3:1 you get a perfectly acceptable if rather pricey salad dressing
 Headphones and tinnitus - devonite
I once read on a health website that if you think you've got or starting with tinnitus, if you clench your teeth and the tone changes then it is not permanent (yet!).
 Headphones and tinnitus - Rudedog
Well that's me screwed then!

 Headphones and tinnitus - Fenlander
Always happy to share my Tinnitus story in case any little snippet helps someone deal with what can be quite stressful...

It came on after a smallish indoor gig in Nov 2015 with a girl from Norway using a kick drum at the front of the stage amped through the PA. At the time I though "that drum sound seems way too powerful to be comfortable" then realised on the drive home the usual immediate post gig ringing didn't subside... and a week later it was still ringing in both ears.

After a few more weeks I went to see the doctor expecting some sort of "cure" saying I can't put up with this the rest of my life.... it was intrusive all the time.

Then saw the consultant after hearing tests at hospital... he was very matter of fact explaining it was brain generated and not fully understood but I would probably have it for ever. No further help offered.

To be honest I was a bit distressed... as much as anything because it gave me a fear of loud noises in case it increased the tinnitus to unbearable levels and I hated the thought of never going to a gig again.

After a year of trying to put up with it... and as others have said above... seeking to avoid circumstances where it was totally quiet where all I could hear was the ringing... I heard of an experimental trial through a Cambs hospital for a new way reduce the impact of tinnitus.

It turned out this was actually a nationwide research trial and I was accepted to start on it Jan 2017. The trial was prompted by the trial leader's concern there was often poor/variable support and minimal funds in the NHS for tinnitus suffers... as I had discovered.

At the trial start I gained an understanding along the lines of a post above that the ear produces a huge amount of sound signals to the brain and it's the brain that decides what we "hear". When there is a change in the signals sent from the ear such as in gradual/sudden hearing loss or physical damage etc the brain can look harder for signals it is expecting and produce sensations of self-generated sounds.... tinnitus. These can be high or low pitch and steady or pulsing.

I was sent to a tinnitus specialist audiologist at the local hospital for hearing tests where she found I had good low/medium frequency ability... above average... but a dropping off upper range greater than my age would normally produce.

As part of the trial I was issued hearing aids tuned by this tinnitus specialist with far greater care than normal to try and enhance the reduced frequencies to give the brain a more normal input. In addition they had a button where I could choose a relaxing background sound such as waves on a beach.

These hearing aids helped me to hear high pitched bleepers such as the microwave timer but it truth only helped the tinnitus a small amount.

However the major point of the research trial was an internet based CBT type set of sessions over 8 weeks where you were guided through the process towards the goal of being able to "turn the tinnitus on and off". And daft as it sounds that is exactly what it did for me.

I lost my concerns it would never go, it could get louder, there was no peace when trying to get to sleep etc.

It's hard to explain but the ringing is always there but I can go days with "not hearing it" and in fact often it only comes to the surface when the word tinnitus is said or read.

For going to gigs I have musician's type ear plugs with two different attenuation levels and an even reduction across all frequencies so I can freely enjoy live music again.

I don't need to wear the hearing aids any more.

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 Headphones and tinnitus - R.P.
I'll mention this to Mrs RP - she suffers.

Do you want us to add t*****s to the swear filter ;-)
 Headphones and tinnitus - Fenlander
Ha no I'll be fine... laughing in its face and all that.
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