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 Ear wax removal - Ambo
That’ll be £55 please. I had found that treatment until recently available on the NHS was now only available in the private sector. I had one ear cleared by microsuction at a hearing aid centre this morning. It took 10 minutes and cost £55.

Another stealth tax. I wonder what the next cost transferred to the taxpayer will be.

(What came out was about the size of a grain of rice but my wife’s treatment produced a huge lump, as bid as a honeybee. The audiologist tried to flog some hearing aids although recent test in the same centre had shown she didn't need them.)

 Ear wax removal - No FM2R
I don't really understand why it is stealth, or tax for that matter.

And not the b***** taxpayer again!! I presume that you're referring to yourself?

Every single adult in the UK pays tax. Every one. The only exception that springs to mind is people in prison, and even then it is being paid for them.

So I presume that what you really meant was "transferred to the taxpayer paid by people will be".

Now presumably you realise that 'people' are paying always? Because everything is paid for with money collected from you or directly by you. Only the point of payment changes.

However, if you're paying for your ear treatment directly that means that you are not subsidising anybody else's ear treatment and they are not having to subsidise yours.And nobody is paying the NHS to manage or administer that service.

What's your problem with that exactly?

 Ear wax removal - bathtub tom
Whenever I wash my hair, I direct the flow into my ears. Haven't had to have them syringed for over forty years.

 Ear wax removal - CGNorwich
Clearly the public lacks ear wax tax facts.
 Ear wax removal - Falkirk Bairn

worked for me a few years back.
 Ear wax removal - henry k
or try the well named Earol
 Ear wax removal - Fullchat
I think I'll give this a miss.
 Ear wax removal - Haywain
A retired GP friend tells me that you can use your elbow to clean out your ears ............ but nothing smaller.
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