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 Anyone tried 'Flipper'? - Haywain
We've been with EDF as our domestic energy supplier for several years, periodically changing to the best tariff on offer - then, a couple of days ago, I discovered that we were paying over £200pa more than with certain other suppliers.

Discussing this with friends down the pub yesterday evening, one said that his fixed-rate tariff was about to end, and he was going to look into 'Flipper'- they appear to be an organisation that constantly reviews the fuel market and will find the the best deal and automatically transfer you to it.

Does anyone on here know anything about them ..... has anyone tried them ...... what do you reckon?
 Anyone tried 'Flipper'? - No FM2R
I know nothing about it, but I was intrigued.

This popped up. Seems some experiences are varied.
 Anyone tried 'Flipper'? - Haywain
Thanks for the link - as you say, experiences seem to be varied. Whilst the notion of an 'automatic flipping' organisation sounds like a good idea, from those comments, I think I'd prefer to control things myself. I was actually alerted by the MSE Energy Club to the fact that I was paying too much for energy in the first place. As I still have a while to go before my present deal ends - and there is an early-exit fee - I'll wait until the tariff is about to end, then review the situation.
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 Anyone tried 'Flipper'? - smokie
I had a good experience with the MSE club a few years back but that served to open my eyes to what else was out there and I now do it myself. I know exactly what energy I use, which makes it easy. Just plumb in rates from the cheaper ones on MSE or the meerkat or somewhere and see which is best.

I often seem to get different results from the search engines. Could be that I'm wrong I suppose :-)

Have I mentioned £50 cashback each for us both if you move to Octopus, who are definitely at the cheaper end of the spectrum? I know I have :-) but let me know of you are interested so I can give you my referrer code.
 Anyone tried 'Flipper'? - Crankcase
I looked at Octopus the last time you mentioned your referral code, smokie. I might have got you your fifty quid, but alas the price they quoted me was actually higher overall than EDF, my supplier, with an astronomical daily charge. And they don't offer my preferred quarterly direct debit in arrears option.

So on that basis, as they say, I was out.

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 Anyone tried 'Flipper'? - sooty123
I'm always a bit suspect of such clubs and offers . I always think it'll turn into some sort of faff.
 Anyone tried 'Flipper'? - smokie
Fair enough Crankcase. I'd say it was definitely one of the cheapest for me when I was swapped to it following the demise of Iresa.

It always seems difficult finding a comparable tariff from these companies (especially as I have what EDF call a complex meter, requiring I phone them for a quote!) but the one I have found is cheaper than my daytime Octopus rate (13.797p incl VAT) but I also have 4 hours (00:30 to 04:30) at 4.998p per unit (which is the Go tariff and saves me a lot as I charge the car overnight and we run the washing machine, tumble dryer and dishwasher as required). My January consumption was 626 kWh at an average unit cost of 11.003p per unit. Standing charge i£s 25.001p inc VAT.

The EDF rate I found was GoElectric May21 with a unit rate of 11.8p and a standing charge of 27.13p, so for me it is still cheap compared to that rate.

Maybe of interest to some, while looking at the stats I noticed that a full charge on my car is about 13kWh, so a cost of 65p overnight rate or £1.60 in the day. I only get about 26 - 30 miles at this time of year from a full charge (about 50% more in summer) but that is often more than enough for a day's motoring these days. So I have only very intermittent and small petrol bills for my miniscule annual mileage (only 4200 last year) but obviously additional costs on my leccy bill. (In the summer my charging pattern changes as the solar panels give me some of those miles free...)
 Anyone tried 'Flipper'? - Haywain
I've got smokie muttering about £50 (Octopus) in my left ear and a choir-mate muttering about £50 (Bulb) in my right ear but, my decision is to hang on until nearer the termination of my current tariff, then check out the MSE site. As Paul McCartney once said, 'It's a drag, innit?'

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