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 Easyjey flight cancellation/refund - smokie
My daughter booked a very expensive (cos it was half term or something) flight for this Thursday to visit us in Portugal for a long weekend.

We aren't there now, so she won't travel (and can't go to the airport anway) but EasyJet have only offered her the option to change the flight at no charge to a different date. "Pay the extra as necessary" - but nothing says she'd get the difference back. She can't commit to any other dates, and in fact may never have any reason to fly Easyjet again.

The flight still appears to be bookable on their page, though she thinks the same flight has been cancelled at short notice for the past 2 days. (Though we believe they are still running a service to take Portuguese home and pick up Brits, so they don';t know she isn't Portuguese I suppose).

Their customer service is impossible to get hold of.

As I understood it they would be responsible for honouring a booking until you cancel it, which releases their responsibility. We're not sure yet whether her insurance covers it, but probably not if she cancels.

Any thoughts on what she should do?
 Easyjey flight cancellation/refund - No FM2R
Reschedule it for roughly this time next year when it will be half term again, where you might be in Portugal again and when she can get full value from it.

Other than EU applied penalities the actual contract is to fly you from a - b, not on any particular date. So legally they can keep you on a hook.
 Easyjey flight cancellation/refund - No FM2R
p.s. I doubt that they can affod to refund peopel anywya.
 Easyjey flight cancellation/refund - smokie
That's true (re refund)

They don't release next March flights till much later in the year unfortunately.
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