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 Crossword clue help - Crankcase
Actually it's a village quiz, but crossword type clues. We are stumped on a couple.

This one is supposed to be the name of a flower. Any idea at all, anyone?

Insect wastage (7).
 Crossword clue help - Lemma
I immediately thought of honeydew. The sticky exudate of aphids when feeding on plants (including my roses), and a type of melon. Only thing is it is eight letters. Hmmmm.
 Crossword clue help - Falkirk Bairn
exuvias are discarded pupal cases
 Crossword clue help - Mike H
Got it for you - "bugloss". I googled "flower names with seven letters" and found a list ;-)
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 Crossword clue help - Crankcase
Mike, you have completely restored my faith in the car4play hive mind. Genius and brilliant. Thank you so much!

Just two or three to go then, out of eighty.

This one is also a flower apparently:

A Christmas drink? (9)

Apparently there's a cocktail called a poinsettia which seems apt, but that's ten letters...

 Crossword clue help - Manatee
 Crossword clue help - Zero
>> Hollyhock.

 Crossword clue help - Crankcase
>> Hollyhock.

Perfetto! That'll be it, ta.

Doing well here.

Still with flowers, what about the last few:

We are many (5)
Scottish John Esq (7)
This game could be lengthy (10)
A lazy sin (9)
Don't swim the Hellespont!(8)

I wonder if that last one is oleander maybe, but I don't know where the "o" is indicated in the clue.

That's all the flowers. If we get all those final ones it will be a miracle - we've been working on this for about two months now.

And then I'll try you all on the drinks...

 Crossword clue help - CGNorwich
wonder if that last one is oleander maybe, but I don't know where the "o" is indicated in the clue.

A cry from Hero perhaps on seeing her dead lover - Oh Leander!
 Crossword clue help - Manatee
Oleander will be right - the exclamation mark usually indicates a pun.
 Crossword clue help - smokie
We are many - Lotus? Which has a motoring connection :-)

Lazy sin - Eidelweiss
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 Crossword clue help - CGNorwich
"We are many" is I believer the poppy.

A quote from te Bible. "My name is Legion for we are many". The British Legion has as its flower the poppy.

 Crossword clue help - Manatee
Scottish John Esq (7) = Gentian
 Crossword clue help - CGNorwich
"This game could be lengthy"

The answer is I believe "wallflower"

The Eton Wall Game

Walls can be lengthy

Bring on the drinks!
 Crossword clue help - smokie
Is it actually a flower? A punchbowl is a style for arranging flowers in.
 Crossword Clue Help - Zero
>> Got it for you - "bugloss". I googled "flower names with seven letters" and found
>> a list ;-)

Good Job it started with a B!
 Crossword Clue Help - Crankcase
Indebted again for the answers; thanks all. Not 100% sure about a couple of them though!

Anyway, if we have exhausted ourselves with the darned flowers, then these are all the outstanding ones left now:


Kilm (9)
What a fool I must be (6)
You can also dance (4)
It is a new coat (6)
2 is in the song (7)
Hailie's father (10)

And birds:

A quick look (6)
Scrimp and save (5)
Rising from the phoenix (7)
A sudden fancy for Jacques (8)
A sad 10 (4,3)

And that's the lot. I have no clue what kilm even means - even Google doesn't help.

As it's not actually a crossword the last one about the sad 10 is a bit odd, but if it helps, the answer to question 10 in the drinks section is "lemonade", the 10 in the flower section is Hellebore, and the 10 in the actual bird section is "siskin".

Similarly, the "2 is in the song" clue - if relevant, answer 2 in drinks is Hock, 2 in flowers is Daisy and 2 in birds is Emu.
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 Crossword Clue Help - Manatee
Kilm = Milk Shake
 Crossword Clue Help - Crankcase
>> Kilm = Milk Shake

Car alarms are now going off in the street from the piercing screams of Mrs C bemoaning her own stupidity not seeing that.
 Crossword Clue Help - Manatee
It is a new coat (6) = tisane (hidden clue)
 Crossword Clue Help - Haywain
Quick look = Gander
 Crossword Clue Help - hjd
Rising from the phoenix - sunbird?
 Crossword Clue Help - Crankcase
Gander. Sunbird. Tisane. All excellent.
 Crossword Clue Help - helicopter
A sudden fancy for Jacques is a Whimbrel.
 Crossword Clue Help - Manatee
>> A sudden fancy for Jacques is a Whimbrel.

I've just done a Mrs Crankcase. Dumbkopf!
 Crossword Clue Help - helicopter
Scrimp and save is Stint.
 Crossword Clue Help - Haywain
A sad 10 ...... Blue tit ?
 Crossword Clue Help - helicopter
I think more likely to be Blue Jay
J is the 10th letter of the alphabet.
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 Crossword Clue Help - Haywain
"I think more likely to be Blue Jay
J is the 10th letter of the alphabet."

Yep - I agree, I thought it was blue something, but I couldn't think of the connection between 10 and J.
 Crossword Clue Help - Crankcase
Fantastico. Thanks all, for your mighty brains.

I think there's just a couple left there then - might never get those.

I'm not sure if the answers are available at this point. If I can get hold of them, I'll put up the ones we couldn't do here to alleviate any misery.

 Crossword Clue Help - helicopter
Hailies father answer is Malted milk..

Her father is the rapper Eminem as in

'M and M'
 Crossword Clue Help - Crankcase
Um..thanks. I'd not have got that in a million years. I don't know who those people are, so was never going to get it.

Good stuff though.

 Crossword Clue Help - helicopter
Have to admit CC it took me a while...I was thinking it referred to Emperor Hailie Selassie.
I have enjoyed the challenge, I usually do the Telegraph Cryptic crossword and after a while you get into the mindset of the compiler.

Helps to pass the time in this strange new world of lockdown.
 Crossword Clue Help - Manatee
The only bit of the DT I liked was the crosswords. The one in 'i' is a usually bit too hard for me.
 Crossword Clue Help - smokie
I used to do the DT every day and nearly always complete in in pretty good times. Not done one for years, but I've just started trying the Private Eye ones, which are slightly more off the wall with questions and answers. I've not yet got more than 50% before the next issue comes out with the answers though :-)
 Crossword Clue Help - CGNorwich
If you register you can get one free DT puzzle per day.
 Crossword Clue Help - Crankcase
Glad a few liked them.

if there is any interest, I can put up the others (which we did get ourselves, I hope). Some are pretty easy, others took us weeks...

But I'm not doing that unless someone actually wants me to, as there are, I think, 75 of them, though of course you've seen some here already.

Just to be getting on with (from a different source), how about

Zero squared cubed (3)


O (4,6)
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 Crossword Clue Help - Duncan
Let's have 'em, then boyo.
 Crossword Clue Help - Manatee
What he said.
 Crossword Clue Help - Crankcase
Well, I thought it was going to be a pain to do. But it turns out it's not. So here you are. I've not edited out the ones you know about, this is as it came to me.

There are 100 in fact. Print them out, stick them through your neighbour's letterboxes. Lockdown entertainment.

Section 1 Drinks
1. A strange drink (3)
2. Would you pawn this one (4)
3. The convict is hesitating (5)
4. Daphne or laurel (5)
5. Moonshine (6)
6. Louis 14th was one (7)
7. Not a quick drink (4,3)
8. Sunny side up? (3,4)
9. Sounds like a sticky drink (8)
10. Help for citrus (8)
11. You don’t want this! (4)
12. Kilm (9)
13. What a fool I must be (5)
14. This will do you good (5)
15. You can also dance (4)
16. Oh Mr………… what can I do (6)
17. Frustrate (6)
18. Quiet, don’t mistake the end of the day (6)
19. It is a new coat (6)
20. A friendly drink (7)
21. 2 Is in the song (7)
22. Tristram (6)
23. Haile’s father (10)
24. Judy’s mate (5)
25. Have you got a ‘coldy’ (6)

Section 2 Birds
1. Don’t believe this one (8)
2. Rod’s friend but not Michael’s (3)
3. Go, fly it (4)
4. Oh, what fun (4)
5. A quick look (6)
6. Scrimp and save (5)
7. An eternity for Peppa (6)
8. Mother Carey’s chicken (6)
9. What an idiot (4)
10. 2 relatives (6)
11. Lots of flags (7)
12. No song for this one (7,4)
13. A famous moan (6)
14. Autolycus ? (6)
15. In place (7)
16. Rising from the phoenix (7)
17. On fire! (8)
18. Your last pint? (8)
19. A sudden fancy for Jacques (8)
20. What the barber charges? (9)
21. Imitate (6)
22. A sad 10 (4,3)
23. Head in sand (7)
24. Cut through liquid with 3 legs (4,10)
25. Xmas decoration (4,7)

Section 3 Flowers
1. The rainbow goddess (4)
2. Will she ride a tandem (5)
3. Not a very warm flower (7)
4. Unfriendly? (7)
5. Don’t swim the Hellespont! (8)
6. A lazy sin? (9)
7. Of sheep? (5)
8. The universe (6)
9. Prudence (6)
10. Send the pain to Hades (9)
11. A shrinking flower (6)
12. Parting wish (9)
13. Left at the dance (10)
14. Poor Hood (6,5)
15. Insect wastage (7)
16. Scottish John Esq (7)
17. They seek him everywhere (7,9)
18. We are many (5)
19. Useful for mulled wine (3,3,5)
20. This game could be lengthy (10)
21. The Bronte’s sad pseudonym (8)
22. Priscilla’s the name (6)
23. Held by inhabitants of Bow? (6,5)
24. A “doing” word for her (7)
25. A Christmas drink? (9)

Section 4 Biscuits, Cakes and Pastries
1. Said to have united Italy (9)
2. Earl Grey (4,3)
3. The Precise one (4)
4. Greedy to have both on your pud! (7,5)
5. Birthplace of Columbus (5)
6. Bugs Bunny’s favourite (6)
7. Comedian Jenny (6)
8. You need more than 1 for the game (6)
9. Auburn haired (6,3)
10. What the trainee burglar did? (7)
11. A young guide (7)
12. Proust’s inspiration (9)
13. A butty from Kent (8)
14. French Royal family (7)
15. Michael or Gabriel (5)
16. Jam, jute and journalism (6)
17. Spirit for a child’s game (6,4)
18. The French town hall (5)
19. The flag’s in a bit of a state! (8)
20. Galileo of Da Vinci (10)
21. Lambert (6)
22. A load of blather (6)
23. ………… m’dear (7)
24. A 1000 leaves (12)
25. Overindulged in section 1! (6)

 Crossword Clue Help - smokie
Thanks for that CC, SWMBO and temporarily resident daughter don't "do" crosswords but are currently being kept quiet with printed copies of these. I might need some answers sometime!!
 Crossword Clue Help - Arctophile

Did you ever get a definitive list of answers to your quiz?
 Crossword Clue Help - smokie
Ah yes!! I printed a copy each of this at the time for SWMBO and daughter and, despite protestations that they don't like cryptic crosswords, they've been picking it up and putting it down with amazing regularity!!!

But we're all stumped now so would appreciate the answers.

Rather than posting it here for all to see (as some may still be working on it) could you put it somewhere in the cloud, or I could send you a mail from my mod account then you could mail it there and then anyone else who wants it can contact me through Report Message button.
 Crossword Clue Help - Duncan
Struggling with quite a few of these.

e.g. Section 1 Drinks. Nos. 3,4,5, 11,13, 15, 17,18, 20,21, 25.
 Crossword Clue Help - Crankcase
I won't post answers to Duncan's here, just in case anyone else is still working on it, or indeed (pause for hysterical laughter) a newcomer might see the thread.

Such answers that I have - which is most of them, we think - will be sent to the mods tomorrow, so will be available on request then.

I'll try to get a full and definitive set from the source, which may take some time. Or of course, our combined efforts here may fill in the last couple of blanks anyway.

Edit - just noticed someone has marked the questions as offensive. Thank God for that, I can't bear the sight of the damn things any more.
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 Crossword Clue Help - VxFan
>> Edit - just noticed someone has marked the questions as offensive. Thank God for that,
>> I can't bear the sight of the damn things any more.

More likely they didn't press the "report message" button (as was requested by Smokie), but pressed the "report post as offensive" button instead.
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 Crossword Clue Help - smokie
Never mind, when I get the answers I'll send them out to all who may have meant to ask.
 Crossword Clue Help - Crankcase
Our best guess answers are now sent to smokie, for dissemination as appropriate on request to him.

If after reading them anyone finds obvious errors, please do say, for the greater good.
 Crossword Clue Help - Crankcase
Oh, and noticed nobody answered

Zero squared cubed (3)


O (4,6)

In case anyone cares about those, the answers are

Oxo and Love Letter.

 Crossword Clue Help - smokie
I only see 2 requests, Duncan and NoFM2R. Any more?
 Crossword Clue Help - smokie
Also sent to Arctophile - anyone else?
 Crossword Clue Help - Duncan
They must have found it too easy

- or too difficult!
 Crossword Clue Help - No FM2R
>>More likely they didn't press the "report message" button (as was requested by Smokie), but pressed the "report post as offensive" button instead.

What's the difference?
 Crossword Clue Help - henry k
>> >>More likely they didn't press the "report message" button (as was requested by Smokie), >>but pressed the "report post as offensive" button instead.
>> What's the difference?
I have always used the report button when a new user promotes their company products or similar activity that is certainly not offensive or urgent but is not allowed.
Any odd looking post that I suspect is iffy also gets the same reporting.
 Crossword Clue Help - VxFan
>> What's the difference?

The "report message" button by default sends a message to the mods.

The "report message as offensive" button adds a scowly face to the post you use it on, and you also have the option to send a message to the mods.

In short, unless you particularly want to add a scowly face to a post, use the other button.
 Crossword Clue Help - No FM2R
Thanks, I never knew.
 Crossword Clue Help - Zero
I have just reported you for being ignorant.
 Crossword Clue Help - No FM2R
I've just reported you for being surprised.
 Crossword Clue Help - VxFan
Just as long as the pair of you don't start putting thumbs up one another.
 Crossword Clue Help - No FM2R
Shouldn't think my thumb'd be big enough these days.
 Crossword Clue Help - Crankcase
There's good news and bad.

Good. New quiz. Answers are all names, male or female. Apparently some might sound like the name rather than actually spell it. So this might be a rubbish quiz i'm afraid.

Bad. No answers. Not even from me, as we've not looked yet.

So as ever, if bored...

1Plain-spoken (5)
2Two magpies (3)
3Knife (7)
4High street saint (7)
5Scottish peak (3)
6Apparently, the happiest person (5)
7Welsh port (5)
8Savings plan (5)
9Exists as a chiming object (6)
10Stirred rice (4)
11Patron saint of travellers (11)
12Daybreak (4)
13Haystack (4)
14April in Paris (5)
15Daily round (5)
16She falls in Africa (8)
17Culinary herbs (5) and (8)
18Goddess of the hunt (5)
19City in Italy (8)
20Colour of the rainbow (6)
21Brain teaser (5)
22Occupation (3)
23Nottinghamshire town (6)
24Message received (5)
25Baked dessert, often in layers (9)
26One not wanted in hair (5)
27Circumspection (8)
28Merciful (7)
29Disturbed limey (5)
30Breed of sheep (5)
31Take something illegally (4)
32Emerald (5)
33Liquid measure (4)
34European Lake (9)
35The Spanish weight (5)
36Musical or biscuit from Aquae Sulis (6)
37Worry or ravage (5)
38Australian Lake (6)
39Little house (5)
40A mother he never had (4)
41Strong wind (4)
42Pick one up for luck (5)
43Puppet island (6)
44Take it when teasing (5)
45Winner (6)
46One easily cheated (5)
47Heard his hair was closely cut (4 or 5)
48Unit of electrical inductance (5)
49Code word for the 10th letter (6)
50Sound of silk or dried leaves (7)
51Small ball to aid mechanic (4)
52City, 34ºS 152ºE (6)
53Sincere (6)
54Browbeat or torment (6)
55She has all the accessories (6)
56Perennial grass (7)
57It’s heartless to be without her (4)
58Royally thrash cereal crop? (8)
59Young kangaroo (4)
60Female donkey in a spin (5)
61Hear a name (6)
62See gentle scarlet, hear fear of factory (7)
63Cold war check point ( 7)
64Smile about the distance (5)
65Superhero’s sidekick (5)
66An oil rig, I hear (5)
67Musical girl twice refused (7)
68Manx capital (7)
69Soccer team (7)
70Utter happiness (8)
71Strata exposed (5)
72Bestow on student (5)
73US theatre award (4)
74Female palindrome (6)
75Wander about (6)
76Small shell-shaped sponge cake (9)
77Suffix (3)
78Statuette (5)
79American toilet (4)
80Fruit (10)
81The sound of genuflection (4)
82Type of impure quartz (6)
83Martial arts grade (3)
84Obsolete German currency (4)
85Jug (4)
86Two hedgerow trees (5) and (5)
87Road roundabout (4)
88Skateboard trick (5)
89To run out (5)
90Effigy (3)
91Burst forth into battle (5)
92Beam of light (3)
93Short kind of watch chain (6)
94English folk dance (8)
95Christmas song (5)
96Elegance of movement (5)
97A pool of money (5)
98Place to exercise (3)
99Coloured part of the eye (4)
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 Crossword Clue Help - smokie
Thanks, printed off ready for the team to look at :-)
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