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 Head Space and Smiling Mind - Duncan
Has anyone tried these mediation apps - Head Space or Smiling Mind?

I would like to sleep better than I do. Would these help?

They seem to want users to login and sign up, but I am a little reluctant. I don't want to commit myself, and I certainly don't want to spend any money!

What are they like? Worth a dabble on the free trial?
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 Head Space and Smiling Mind - Bobby
Not any experience of them but did previously use an app called Insight Timer when I wasn’t sleeping well after my bike accident couple of years ago. Might need to sign up but it’s certainly free. Has a whole section dedicated to sleep.

The one I remember using was one that talked you through your whole body. Lying down in your bed , you had to focus on your big toe and then the next and so on. I never did finish it so must have worked!

Nowadays partly due to my tinnitus, I always go to bed and put radio on Smooth radio set to sleep in 30 mins. Very rarely am I still awake when the music stops.
 Head Space and Smiling Mind - Zero
Plenty of good meditation/yoga posture videos on Youtube. Meditation needs to go with posture and. Plenty of bad ones on you tube too.

Not sure mediation is going to help you sleep, unless you are in a dispute with yourself.
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 Head Space and Smiling Mind - Crankcase
I used Headspace for a while, initially for sleep problems.. I found it not for me. Like all these things theres a big play on concentrating on your breathing, and the more I do that the more i cant relax, until I struggle to breathe at all.

If you don't have that issue, then the other thing to watch out for with Headspace is it offers a zillion different problems you can try it for. I tried four or five, largely out of curiosity, and partly because I really wanted it to work.

They are all pretty much the same in fact, and i saw no value in paying after my free sessions ran out.

Worth trying for free of course.

 Head Space and Smiling Mind - Duncan

>> Not sure mediation is going to help you sleep, unless you are in a dispute
>> with yourself.

I hadn't spotted that!

Sigmund Freud would have been so proud!
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