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 Arise Sir Tom Moore - zippy
According to the Mail Colonel Tom Moore is to be knighted.

IMHO he thoroughly deserves it.
 Arise Sir Tom Moore - Bobby
There’s something about this whole thing that just doesn’t sit easy with me. Can’t put my finger on it.
Nothing against him. Just think he has been used by different people and groups for their own benefit.
 Arise Sir Tom Moore - zippy
Of course the Govt and celebrities have jumped on the bandwagon and made videos and songs.

But initially the little fundraising effort was his and his family's idea and he became zeitgeist.

He handled the situation with aplomb.
 Arise Sir Tom Moore - Zero
Wot bobby says.
 Arise Sir Tom Moore - Robin O'Reliant
Tom Moore has been made the polar opposite of a scapegoat. To just the same effect however, he draws the attention away from those with reason to stay out of the public spotlight.

Not to diss the old boy mind, good luck to him on a personal level.
 Arise Sir Tom Moore - Duncan
>> There’s something about this whole thing that just doesn’t sit easy with me. Can’t put
>> my finger on it.

Is it bandwagon climbing that you perceive?
 Arise Sir Tom Moore - No FM2R
I'm sort of with Bobby on this.

Not that the guy didn't do good, but the money raised was out of all proportion to his effort.

Still, it does no harm I guess.
 Arise Sir Tom Moore - sherlock47
I'm sort of with Bobby and Mark on this.

An OBE* would have been more appropriate. Surely the most effort was put in by his family - or whoever was the driving force.

* Commonly known as
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 Arise Sir Tom Moore - Duncan
More elevated awards

CMG = Call Me God.
KCMG = Kindly Call Me God.
GCMG = God Calls Me God.
 Arise Sir Tom Moore - R.P.
What Bobby says. Fair play to him I say, but the NHS should be properly funded by tax-payers not by charity.
 Arise Sir Tom Moore - sooty123
No doubt there were people pushing this to the media forefront but to get those sorts of money raised, nearly always going to need a bit of help.
I'm sure it happens all the time when very few know it is actually happening behind the scenes.
If it gave people something to watch that wasn't grim miserable news, fair enough.
 Arise Sir Tom Moore - Terry
Very happy for him - obviously a decent individual.

But from a government perspective it looks like the well tried and tested distraction strategy.
 Arise Sir Tom Moore - Lemma
I am naturally a little cautious about anybody who receives a fairly instant award of this nature. The Nobel Prize committee can take decades to make their awards and all the ramifications can be explored. However with regard to this fellow, I can't see it does any harm but not sure it does much good either. I contrast that with Sir Bradley Wiggins and various others where one might in the cold light of day think again.

In fact I believe the money raised went to charities that support staff, carers, patients and so on rather than the NHS itself. The reality is that the NHS will never have enough money. Economics tells us that for anything that is free there is the potential for unlimited demand. This is usually managed by the price or time mechanism. We all understand price, and Soviet citizens queueing for bread know more than most about the time mechanism.

It is all this lauding of the NHS that sits very poorly with me. Yes, the staff do an amazing job and often for modest rewards. But the fundamentals of how it operates are to my mind wrong. it was bust before it started and has a relentless demand for more money, when what I think it needs is a different business model with the introduction of higher personal responsibility that manages the open ended commitment to service that "free at the point of use" implies. Whilst I am not advocating charging per se, something more like the Singapore model where individuals have more responsibility through the system that has been put in place. It has one of the highest health outcomes of any country in the world, and one of the lowest per capita costs. Compare that with the US where health care is the most expensive in the world with indifferent outcomes, and around a third of the population have poor or no health cover.

Unfortunately change of such nature is politically very difficult and if proposed I suspect would start a maelstrom of politicking and infighting. Maybe one day when the system finally stops working.
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