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 lighting prob - devonite
I have a camping lantern with a double tube fluorescent-type bulb that runs on 8x 1.5v D cell batteries. when switching on it glows for a couple of seconds then dies.
testing each battery with the multi meter shows that their voltages range from 1.45v - 1.48v, averaging them all out at 1.45v means an overall voltage loss of 0,4v i.e 11.6v instead of 12v.
Is this enough loss to make lamp fail? = surely not?
I put 2 of the batteries in G/sons model car and it flew across the room so it seems they have plenty of power yet.
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 lighting prob - Zero
1/Clean the battery terminals in the battery box, and between each battery
2/Change the batteries for new
3/Chuck lantern in bin
 lighting prob - legacylad
Buy 4/ candles
 lighting prob - devonite
;-) - Ta!
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