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 Match of the Day - No FM2R
Watched it last night, and watching it now.

Does anybody know if the background noise (recorded crowd noises) is being blasted over the speakers in the stadium or is simply added by the BBC on the broadcast?

I just wonder if the players are playing in silence.
 Match of the Day - zippy
Depends on the game. Some stadiums (stadia?) are live streaming fans reactions from home.

Some sound only, some sound and video. They do ask for fans to be dressed! :-/
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 Match of the Day - No FM2R

>>Some stadiums (stadia?) are live streaming fans reactions from home.

That's a cool idea.

>>They do ask for fans to be dressed

Pass the mind bleach.
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 Match of the Day - Manatee
There was a letter in yesterday's paper from a chap who said he had a choice of watching with crowd noises, or hearing the coaches and officials. Possibly different broadcasters, or maybe Sky etc can offer two channels?
 Match of the Day - tyrednemotional
I watched a bit yesterday on Sky's FTA broadcast on their "Pick" channel.

It's HD on Freesat (147, not 144), and SD on Freeview (11) (both free, but selected matches).

There was a banner running that pukka Sky viewers (via the non-free broadcast) could select which audio they wanted ("red button" type stuff). It's not been unknown on other broadcasts (I think at one time the BBC used to support the alternative of the radio commentary for cricket?).
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