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 gold coins - devonite
I notice the latest offering from The London Mint is a Gold coin in the form of the Old Shilling.
They advertise as "One-eighth of a Sovereign" . I thought a Sovereign was £1 value, so it should be One- twentieth, or am I missing something.
 gold coins - CGNorwich
One-eighth of a gold sovereign in the form of the Old Shilling means exactly what it says. Perfectly clear. Form has nothing to do with value.
 gold coins - No FM2R
>>I thought a Sovereign was £1 value

The value of a Sovereign AS A COIN is £1.

As a lump of metal its value is 7.3 grams x Gold spot price.
 gold coins - Falkirk Bairn
In round figures today 7.33 x £47 = £345

I bought some in 1972 when they were roughly £15 each.

Gold was $35 / ounce & $2.4 US= £1.00
 gold coins - Zero

>> am I missing something.

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