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 Youtube madness - Crankcase
Oh, I do hope you're not easily offended. But it made me smile quite a lot.

Very silly indeed, but works really well.
 Youtube madness - Zero
I can't imagine what you watch to get that as a suggestion
 Youtube madness - Crankcase
I was watching a video called "songs that sound exactly the same", which pulls apart two songs to see if one is a rip off of the other. And this was in the sidebar.

 Youtube madness - Zero
Ah, Stairway to Heaven?
 Youtube madness - Crankcase
Well, more like:

Play the first 60 seconds of this.

If you don't recognise it, play this from 44 seconds in...

That kind of thing.
 Youtube madness - No FM2R
I was pretty gobsmacked by that, but my daughter, who is on the computer next to me, said "Yeah, Meghan Trainor. does a lot of that".

Who knew?
 Youtube madness - Crankcase
I didn't. But I discovered via these videos that Ed Sheeran does.
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