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 Whoops....soz guys ! - R.P.
 Whoops....soz guys ! - No FM2R
Mostly for using the word "soz", I assume.
 Whoops....soz guys ! - Zero
 Whoops....soz guys ! - No FM2R
You got a trip wire right next to my irritation circuits?
 Whoops....soz guys ! - Zero
It's a gift
 Whoops....soz guys ! - bathtub tom
The bomb was embedded at a depth of 12m and only its nose was sticking out.

It was dropped tail first?
 Whoops....soz guys ! - sooty123
The tides in the river will shifted the bomb about over the years.
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 Whoops....soz guys ! - devonite
bit of extreme dredging! ;-)
 Whoops....soz guys ! - R.P.

 Whoops....soz guys ! - Duncan
Have I mentioned that I did National Service in the Royal Engineers?

We were using explosives left over from World War 2. The trouble was, that sometimes the stuff wouldn't go BANG! If it wouldn't go off, the convention (rule?/ military law?) was that the people who had to sort it out went from the top down, so it was the officers who had to make it explode, which we common squaddies found rather amusing.
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