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 USB mains plugs - Ambo
I was given a little rechargeable desk fan, about 4" diameter, together with a USB charging cable but no USB mains plug. I have these plugs for my Kindle and mobile phone but do all such plugs have the same specification? I don't want to risk blowing a fuse or burning out the fan.
 USB mains plugs - smokie
No, they aren't all the same. I'm not technical but the amperage can be different.

Original phones and devices were happy with 1.0A or less - I would think your fan would be delighted with this.

But newer phones (especially with quick charging) need 2.1A or above - I think some now run at 3A. They seem to discharge quicker than they charge if plugged into the older adapters!!

(Similarly, but not relevant to you, is that the cables are also different specs so you can have a fast charging socket but the cable may not be man enough so your device won't fast charge)

As I said, your fan will be OK with your original plug though.
 USB mains plugs - Mike H
AFAIK you can't go wrong. We have a number of chargers with varying outputs, which we use on various devices, and have never had a problem. I'm guessing today's kit is self-regulating (most take negligible power if plugged in but with no device attached) so you shouldn't have an issue. In general, the different outputs only affect the charging times.
 USB mains plugs - Ambo
Many thanks for both notes.
 USB mains plugs - VxFan
Poundland have a 2.1 amp USB mains plug as part of their £2 range.

I mentioned it a little while ago in the bargains thread.

For the price, and that it's been tested by someone independent, who doesn't mince their words, it's damn good value for money.
 USB mains plugs - No FM2R
Probably no plug because it was designed to plug into a computer USB socket.

The quoted amps on a charger/USB Mains adapter is the most it can give, not the minimum it will give. Amps are "pulled", unlike volts which are "pushed".

So, plug a adapter/charger in that is capable of more amps and it will simply draw what it needs.

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