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 Listing CD photos by icon - Ambo
We have a CD of our daughter's wedding, produced by a professional photographer. There are 724 images [who needs so many/young people these days etc.]. They are listed by JPEG number and I would like to convert the list to images so I can select the few I want easily and print them. I know from the distant past that this can be done but can't now for the life of me see how. Can anyone set me right please?
 Listing CD photos by icon - Fullchat
Im on a Mac so slightly different but you need to change your view settings.

I've copied this from tinternet

Locate and open the folder that has the view setting that you want to use for all folders.
On the Tools menu, click Folder Options.
On the View tab, click Apply to All Folders.
Click Yes, and then click OK.

So open up your CD - Find Folder Options- Find the View settings and select 'thumbnails'. You have a choice of small and large.
 Listing CD photos by icon - No FM2R
Open Windows Explorer

Go to the directory that you want so that you can see the list of filenames

Right click

Select "view"

Left click on desired option; Probably "Large Icons" or "Extra Large Icons".
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 Listing CD photos by icon - Ambo
Thanks but I can't get any further. I get a vertical list of the image numbers. The heading lets me get to View. The only l relevant heading there is "Display file icons on thumbnails", which is ticked, but there *are* no thumbnails and no "Display thumbnails" heading.
 Listing CD photos by icon - VxFan
What operating system are you using, and what are you using to browse the photos?
 Listing CD photos by icon - No FM2R
Can you open a file and actually see the picture?
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 Listing CD photos by icon - sherlock47
Could it be that OP is using Explorer to look at images directly on a read only CD (DVD?) and that does not have icons available in the same folder? It would take some time to create icon images so they would not be immediately available anyway.

I suggest he copies images from CD to a new folder on the machine and then opens that folder - he should then be able to use the View option to select viewing format. It will still be slow to display - converting 724 images - particularly if it is an old machine/OS. He can then rename at will or put in relevant sub directories before copying back to a new CD.
 Listing CD photos by icon - Ambo
I am using the images list direct from the drive or a desktop shortcut. I have tried copying the image file to a new folder, with no change.

The computer is about 9 years old and the last time I succeeded in this type of operation it was on the previous machine, since dumped.
 Listing CD photos by icon - Ambo
I am using Windows 7 Home Premium and (presumably) that for browsing. I can open each of the 724 image numbers at a time and get their full pictures.
 Listing CD photos by icon - No FM2R
"Display file icons on thumbnails" is not the place I intended you to be, that's the main folder view options for Explorer.

You want the display options for an individual folder.

In case we're just misunderstanding each other, let me explain again....

Look where the file names are displayed. Don't right click on the file name, right click on the white space between the filename and the next column. It should display a smallish menu with about 10 items on it, the first of which is "View". The second is sort and I forget the rest.

Left click on view and that should give you the option to choose Icons.
 Listing CD photos by icon - Ambo
Got it! Many thanks for your patience.

Sherlock: no problem getting the full pictures via my BluRay player so I suppose the disc must be a DVD.
 Listing CD photos by icon - No FM2R
>> Got it! Many thanks for your patience.

No problem, the fault was mine. Looking back at my first set of instructions I can see that they would only be clear to someone who already knew how to do it.

A silly mistake of mine, sorry.

Glad you got there in the end. At least with 700 odd photos you can be sure of finding a few that you like.
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