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 A shared calendar? - Haywain
Just wonder if anyone on here knows of a simple 'shared' calendar app - i.e. something that we can share as easily as using WhatsApp. Maybe something already exists in WhatsApp?

The reason that this has arisen is because we need to have a better system for organising child-minding of our granddaughter ........ at the moment, we only have word-of-mouth, rushed conversations and trying to remember to put it in the diary.
 A shared calendar? - tyrednemotional
...maybe not what you're looking for, but both an Outlook calendar and a Google/Gmail calendar can be shared with nominated individuals.

I use the facility in Outlook, but I believe the capability is very similar in Gmail.

I'm working from memory here, but I believe that in both cases you can create an additional, dedicated shared calendar, but the set-up and sharing has to be done by logging on on a computer (the App doesn't support that bit - though once set up the sharing is available on the app).

Patently, both users need a Gmail or Outlook email address, but these are easy and free to obtain if needed.
 A shared calendar? - No FM2R
Is it a pre-established rota with ongoing amendments or a completely ad-hoc, day-by-day, approach?
 A shared calendar? - No FM2R
If it is more ad-hoc and variable, then perhaps TimeTree?

Since you mentioned WhatsApp then I presumed a phone App was required. TimeTree is certainly an Android App, I have no idea whether or not it is available on an iPhone, if that matters.

 A shared calendar? - sherlock47
Avoid trying to share a Yahoo (or a BTYahoo) calendar. Whist it works some of the time when used with with Android/Gmail the updating appears a little random even when permissions are correctly set.

CalDav sync improves things, but still not seamless.
 A shared calendar? - Manatee
There's a thing called Doodle, that can be used for scheduling between people using different calendar apps. I suspect though that it might be behind several warnings I have had recently about blocked access attempts to my google account by an "insecure app".

If the parties all use google calendar it's easy to share each other's calendars - I, wife and daughter do this. The shared calendars all appear together in the same view in different colours, so it does mean that you can all see the others' plans.

A better solution might be a separate google account for the shared activities. That can then be shared individually to those who have google calendars of their own, or non-googlers can just set up the account on their own phones/PCs etc.

 A shared calendar? - tyrednemotional
>>A better solution might be a separate google account for the shared activities. That can then be >>shared individually to those who have google calendars of their own, or non-googlers can just >>set up the account on their own phones/PCs etc.

I'm pretty sure you can just create an additional new and separate calendar under one of the existing usernames, effectively dedicate it to the restricted function you want and then share it.
 A shared calendar? - rtj70
I have three calendars on Google all of which sync with my Macs, Android phone. The work one is also then synchronised with Outlook on my work laptop. Because the sync on Android at least is handled by the platform, the calendars can be viewed in any calendar app.
 A shared calendar? - neiltoo
I use Google Calender.
It's a bookmark on my Chrome browser, and updates with my phone, when its on wifi or data, and my tablet.
I can input from any of them.
Have to be signed in to Google.
I presume they are spying on me in some way, but there's nothing interesting to a third party there.

I suppose......
 A shared calendar? - Haywain
Thank you for the comments and apologies for my tardiness in responding; my excuse is that I stayed behind in the bar after watching a football match. I should give more of an explanation and describe the kit at our disposal......

My son and DiL lead busy, but not well-paid lives (artist and classical musician); the costs of child-care would be beyond their reach so my wife and I are delighted to step in and help look after their 18-month old daughter. However, although retired, we have lives too - so we would like a straightforward method of sharing a simple diary for the 4 of us so that e.g. we can blank out days/part-days when we are doing our own things. We have a variety of Macs, Mac-books, i-Pads and smart phones though I would rather use the phones as we have them with us all the time and there's no demand for the information to be shared with the other devices. The four of us have 3 Androids and one has an i-Phone. New additions and amendments are happening as time rolls on, though not usually beyond 2-months into the future.

I mentioned WhatsApp because we have various groups for sharing messages, including a family group; my first thought was that maybe there is something simple along those lines that could be set up for 4 individuals to share a common calendar dedicated to our child-minding activities.

I'll check out the possibilities mentioned by your good-selves and I suppose I should ask my DiL - who is a bright spark and may use something at work.

Thanks. H
 A shared calendar? - rtj70
I think one of the simplest is to use a Google calendar and share access. It will then be possible to view on Android, iPhone, iPad, MacBook etc. Or pretty much anything that can access a Google calendar.

Easy to try out for free.
 A shared calendar? - No FM2R
Just checked, TimeTree is available for iPhones as well....
 A shared calendar? - Haywain
"Just checked, TimeTree is available for iPhones as well...."

Thanks, it looks like a good 'un.

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