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 PC running a bit slow - upgrade started - Falkirk Bairn
At 6.30 this morning I kicked off a Windows upgrade on my laptop.

I had to nip out at 10.45 & was back in by 11.30 & it still had not finished.
Finally rebooted itself probably 4/5 times & completed just after mid-day.

Intel i5, 8Gb memory, loads of free disk.

What would cause such a delay?

PC runs fine, marginally faster than it was before the upgrade.
 PC running a bit slow - upgrade started - smokie
Fairly hefty upgrade (best part of a couple of gig I think) over a slow link? Mind you even over my fast link and with a decent spec machine with SSD C drive it took more than an hour. I think maybe MS probably throttle download speeds of the upgrade. Mine had to retry a number of times before it finally went through too. If you weren't there you wouldn't necessarily have seen it if it was doing that.
 PC running a bit slow - upgrade started - Falkirk Bairn
I have a slow BB Connection (not out of choice but because of BT does not provide Fibre connection in my exchange area).

The download was about 90 minutes IIRC - it was the other 4 hours processing that bothered me as I could not fathom why it would take so l o n g.

Previous updates have taken probably 2+ hours to download/install & reboot multiple times.
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