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 No Pop3 on Virgin Media - Robbie34
When I logged on to my email on my desktop this evening Iwas unable to receive any emails on Thunderbird. I get the message "the connection was intentionally closed by the server"

Tech support at Virgin say it is a problem at my end. As I can receive mail on their web mail they are washing their hands of it. Pop3 has been working for years and was this morning. I have tried other clients and cannot get pop3 mails. I got out my laptop with the same problem.

I also run Mailwasher Pro and that also gets the same error message. I am able to send emails from Thunderbird. Anyone have any ideas as to how I should proceed?
 No Pop3 on Virgin Media - tyrednemotional
...have you checked that the server/port/authentication etc. options match the latest POP3 requirements?

Whilst I can't find any recent changes, within the last year the required settings were changed, and there is just a chance that they might have just caught up with the implementation. (your post implies that you haven't changed settings for "yonks").
 No Pop3 on Virgin Media - Robbie34
Yes, you are correct. I only discovered this late last night. For some reason Virgin have changed the settings for pop3 and smtp to from

No problem yesterday morning, but when I went on in the afternoon I had no email. Virgin could at least have informed customers about this change.
 No Pop3 on Virgin Media - smokie
A point of interest - when I was with Virgin I received very few spam mails as they blocked them at the server, before they reach me. So maybe you have no need for MailWasher .
 No Pop3 on Virgin Media - Robbie34
I use Mailwasher to get rid of mails that I don't want. Virgin certainly don't block spam.
 No Pop3 on Virgin Media - smokie
Oh OK, not sure why I didn't see many then.

If ever there were any, I used the delete button :-)
 No Pop3 on Virgin Media - Robbie34
Mailwasher is brilliant for removing lots of emails without downloading them.

It's particularly useful when I have been away without Internet access. When I return home I can have hundreds of emails. I can then delete those I don't want without downloading them.
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