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 CD to iphone help - Crankcase
I have never put music on my iPhone before, or even ripped a CD. We have a birdsong CD and thought it would be good to be able to play tracks from it when out and about.

I don't know how to do this. Everything I google talks about connecting to iTunes. I don't much like iTunes on the PC, it being to me totally incomprehensible, complex and seeming to need updates and internet access to log in every six seconds at the PC end.

I imagine (wrongly?) on the phone if I launch IOS iTunes with no signal, likely in the outdoors, it will give up because it will want to log in? Even if there was signal I guess would be using gobbets of mobile data? I'm assuming here that iTunes on the phone CAN actually play my own tracks anyway - it seems to want to connect to some store or other at the moment on launch and sell me stuff.

I just want to be able to rip the CD on the PC (not sure how) and get the tracks into the right place on the iphone, wherever that is (not sure how) and play them usng some simple music player on the phone whilst probably having no signal (not sure how).

Any help appreciated. Be happy to be told iTunes is easy and works, stop fussing, but I'm not going to learn how to use it and put all the effort in if it won't do what I want simply.

 CD to iphone help - Zero
You have iTunes on your pc, you put the cd into the cd slot on your pc, iTunes rips the cd to its library. you plug your phone into the pc, iTunes synchs it to the phone.

iTunes is easy and works, stop fussing

Well, its still not the worlds greatest intuitive software, bit it is much better than it used to be.
 CD to iphone help - Crankcase
Ok - and on the phone it just works without trying to log in and stuff each time?
 CD to iphone help - Zero
Yes because iTunes has synched it to the phones internal memory
 CD to iphone help - Crankcase
Thanks Z. I'll give it a go this evening then. Listen for the explosion.
 CD to iphone help - Crankcase
That worked, thanks.

Obviously iTunes started by saying "no chance you need to update".

Then the phone said "no chance you need to update, oh there's no update available, no chance you need to update…" until rebooted, for some reason.

And obviously I then spent ages on the phone looking for the non-existent iTunes, that in fact turned out to be an app called "music" I guessed at and it was there. Who knew?

But there we go, and now I can find Great Tits in the woods.

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