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 Phone help? - Crankcase
I currently get texts from my bank(s) to authorise stuff when I'm at home. I need this.

I have an iPhone 5. I have no signal (with any provider) in the house.
The iPhone 5 does not support texts or calls over wifi, so I've had to use an app from my PAYG sim provider that does this. The provider is 3, and the app is called Three in Touch. It picks up texts sent to my phone number when I have no mobile signal but do have wifi.

Today I used the app, to be told as of the 15th of this month it will stop working. I can't find another app in the apple store that will replace it.

Any suggestions for creative solutions at a low cost? I've already discarded buying a new iphone (how much!!??).

It's pretty annoying to be forced into buying/learning a whole new bit of kit just to get the occasional but vital text, nor do I want to ditch my perfectly good iphone with many apps and settings on it. So it might have to be two devices, one of which will only ever be used to get a text every week or so.

 Phone help? - nice but dim
I used an older version of Three In Touch in 2014 and it was terrible as it basically handles the calls as an extra overlayed app. The handover was terrible on the then version of Android I had on my phone (4.4.2). It was an a fairly new app at the time.

I then moved to Vodafone which was ok but now back with 3 (Smarty) and the signal is great at same location so they must have improved somethng.

Have you thought of going to differant network. You can test PAYG fairly cheaply for a month in a second spare device if you have one and compare the signal. You can then port the number over.

Also forcing a network connection to 3G only can often provide a better mobile signal than a weak 4G signal I have found.

The phone is only as good as the signal being recieved so not need to change that.

Wi-Fi calling is just that, not for texts - I think SMS relies solely on mobile signal.

Lastly go SIM only and never spend more than £10 per month assuming your data usage is sub 2GB.
 Phone help? - nice but dim
Sorry just saw the no signal with no other provider - dunno?
 Phone help? - R.P.
Not sure if it works with other computers, but any Mac can be used to forward messages and calls from an iPhone.
 Phone help? - Zero
Is that "any network with my iphone" or "Any network with any phone." (the iphone is infamously deaf)

Its no good saying "i dont want to change a perfectly good phone" when clearly its not and never has been for a one of your critical needs.

There is an option to explore, it means changing your phone provider tho

Its a pico cell

 Phone help? - No FM2R
Wot Zero said, plus......

Buy a secondhand iPhone, but newer than your current sea anchor iPhone 5.
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 Phone help? - Crankcase
Thanks all - some ideas to explore tomorrow then.

Mrs C has just said "You duffer. Just tell the four banks your landline number instead of your mobile number, and when they text the one time passcode, a computer voice on the landline will read it out".

If that works it'll be the solution for no pennies at all. I'll see.

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