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 A Doh! moment - Ambo
In a hurry, I logged into an important site and unfortunately entered the wrong login. I then got a message asking "Do you want to save this number" and I ticked "Yes". Thus, I am now stuck with the wrong login (it not being possible to open the password).

I can get access by deleting the false login and entering the true one; also deleting the row of dots for the password and entering the correct version. But it is annoying the go through this rigmarole every time I visit the site, which is several times a day.

Can anyone kindly tell me how to deal with this?
 A Doh! moment - VxFan
If using Internet Explorer, hover mouse over the username you want deleting from the list until its highlighted, then press the delete key. Sometimes it also requires pressing and holding the shift key before pressing the delete key.

 A Doh! moment - Ambo
Sorry, but what list is that?
 A Doh! moment - No FM2R
For the following browsers;

Mozilla Firefox
Internet Explorer
 A Doh! moment - VxFan
>> Sorry, but what list is that?

When you click in the username/password box, if there are a number of entries already stored, they'll appear as a list for you to chose one of them.
 A Doh! moment - Ambo
Got that. Many thanks.
 A Doh! moment - Ambo
Except there was no list. I must have stumbled on some workaround.
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