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 Hosting emails - Netsur
I have two domains as follows: -

They are used for email only.

The first is operated by IONOS 1and1 and hosted by a local IT company for £60 + VAT. We have had this for many years.

The second was offered to me recently for free by the IT company and is operated by This one has a problem in that my home internet provider BT seems to think it very dodgy and will not let us connect to it at all. Cannot even get to it via webmail. Away from BT all is fine.

I mentioned this to the IT company but they weren't overly helpful and mentioned operating through Google Suites at £5 per month per address (we have six addresses per domain). Seems a bit of overkill to get rid of us.

I have also spoken to my business IT provider but although they shed some light on it they couldn't suggest anything different.

I like the .uk domain. It is shorter and makes it feel more personal compared the domain. But I do see people using similar private domains for email and clearly they don't pay fortunes.

Does the forum have any ideas or suggestions for someone who is fairly illiterate on internet matters?
 Hosting emails - smokie
Does your ISP not provide a mail service? I have my and and I was able to make it look as though that's where the mails came from etc.

I think I read that all .uk addresses are being released shortly, even if they are in use. I think that was a mail from IONOS yesterday or the day before You might want to just check that your domain is safe. I lost my .com one once (it didn't auto-renew_ and it was only by sheer luck that I got it back a few months later.
 Hosting emails - Netsur
That is useful information. However we are likely to be moving house in the next two or three months and I might change my USP from BT to another provider so no point doing it now.
 Hosting emails - smokie
The issue is that, without explicit command, your browser tries to go to (ignore the space, without it it wouldn't post correctly). However this is seen as a potential security threat to your machine as there's something wrong with its certificate. I can't get directly to it via Virgin, but I'm using a VPN so it isn't Virgin which is blocking me.

The error I get is

Your connection is not private
Attackers might be trying to steal your information from (for example, passwords, messages, or credit cards). Learn more

In advanced options you can choose to ignore the risk and continue to the site, whereupon it loads a webmail client on Roundcube software.

If you could find contact info for you could ask them to correct their certificate. But they seem to be a bit of an obscure company as I can't find any reference to it on the internet other than yours!!

However if you explicitly type it takes you to the login screen without error.

Well, mine does!!

Edit: sorry, the forum software is making text I'm typing into hyperlinks, which isn't helpful. The first hyperlink in the first paragraph should be preceded with https:[slash slash] whereas the last one inear the bottom is just http:[slash slash]
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 Hosting emails - VxFan
>> The first hyperlink in the first paragraph

Like this?
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 Hosting emails - Netsur
Thanks. I have this suspicion that lark-uk is connected to my IT company. BT will not let us anywhere near the site so we have decided to cease using it and go back to the
 Hosting emails - smokie
Smarta$$ Dave :-)

Took me ages to do wot i dun.
 Hosting emails - VxFan
>> Took me ages to do wot i dun.

It took me ages to figure out how to do it a long time ago when I had something similar to post.

It also took me ages to remember, and loads of trial and error to do it again ;)
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