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 iPAD screentime - MD
I never asked to have this carp on my kit, but I understand it may be a battery heavy thing and I want to switch it off. However 'it' asks me for my screentime password which as far as I'm concerned doesn't exist and I've not set one up. 9 passcode attempts so far has yielded the square root of 'f' all. No issues on the Iphone with switching it off. Any ideas chaps?
 iPAD screentime - smokie
Apparently if you previously had Restrictions enabled then it is the password you had for that.
 iPAD screentime - MD
I'll have a peek thank you. However I've tried all of my 'usual' numbers, but to no avail. Lump hammer maybe:-)
 iPAD screentime - VxFan
Have you ever set up a restrictions passcode?

If not, then set one up. Goto settings > content & privacy restrictions and then follow the instructions.

Whatever passcode you chose for this, should also be the same one for the screentime passcode.
 iPAD screentime - maltrap
Your heading says Ipad, then you refer to an Iphone ?
On my Ipad I Googled how to switch off Screentime.
It was easily done via settings without the use of a password.
 iPAD screentime - VxFan
>> Your heading says Ipad, then you refer to an Iphone ?

MD only mentioned his iPhone in that he hasn't the same issues as he is having with his iPad.
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