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 Kindle wireless downloads - Ambo
I could download items from my Kindle version 4.1.3 wirelessly, turning off Aeroplane Mode as instructed. I did so for about 250 titles over several years. Now, this "Whispernet" service does not work, either for new items or to restore deleted items from the archive, although I get billed for the new items (but get refunds easily enough).

Can anyone suggest a remedy? I can't find a suitable way into Amazon to raise this, "Kindle Support" having no relevant handle. From way back, I recall some kind of reset which involved pressing own the Start key and holding for 40 seconds but that makes no difference.

I can however still download via USB.

 Kindle wireless downloads - smokie
I know nothing about Kindles but do you get any error message?

Other than that, I found this number for support (though that may be Amazon support for everything, you may go through menus) 0800 279 7234

or a support page on which you can search for solutions here

which has a link to a forum here
 Kindle wireless downloads - Ambo
No error messages but thanks for the links. I tried the helpline, to no effect, but the forum looks hopeful.
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