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 TV channel question - legacylad
A pal of mine phoned today to say that he can no longer receive FV106 (BBC4 HD). That channel is no longer showing on his TV. He lives 1/4 mile from me and I receive FV106 ok. He thought it may be an aerial problem, so brought his TV to me and auto tuned it. Still no FV106.
Strangely he gets FV107 (BBC Newsroom Live) on his TV at my home, whereas my TV shows a “No Signal” message on FV107 despite same aerial ( although different aerial socket).

Can anyone enlighten us please as to what’s going on ?
 TV channel question - Duncan
On my box no channel between 105 (Channel 5) and 201 (CBBC).

I can't see a BBC4 HD.
 TV channel question - tyrednemotional
BBC4 HD is on a (time)shared multiplex with Cbeebies HD (which is on Channel 205).

BBC4 HD only transmits from 19:00 to 04:00 (and can't transmit a "holding" signal outside this, as Cbeebies is hogging the bandwidth).

My surmise (though it is only that) would be that the particular TV, when tuning, needs to see the channel active when physically tuning (i.e. when doing a set-up for channel numbers), and that set-up is not being done after 19:00, when the channel is broadcasting. (different TVs react in different ways).

If it can currently see channel 205 in its listings, I would be even more likely to think this is the issue.

If you do have channel 106 in the listings and tune to it before 19:00, you are likely to get a "no signal" message or similar.

Get him to try an auto tune or add channels after 19:00, when it should be able to see BBC4 HD.

Can't as yet account for your "News" issue; that channel is 24 Hours and not a shared multiplex.
 TV channel question - No FM2R
Firstly the channel list...

Secondly your particular issues;

It could be anything. Trees in the way, different aerials, dodgy connections and all sorts of things.

What it can also be is different thresholds and sensitivities between televisions. Perhaps the signals are below the TV's threshold.

It is pretty much impossible for anybody to sort remotely. If you've done the retuning and checked all the connections, then I have no further ideas. Sorry.
 TV channel question - sherlock47
Is BBC4 actually transmitting anything during daytime?

Are you in a fringe area and actually receiving the signals from the same transmitter? First check that both your arials are pointing in the same direction?

This may help?

 TV channel question - legacylad
Thanks for everyone’s input.
I’m aware that BBC4 commences 19:00 and I’ve advised my friend to retune after that time
We both live on the same straight road, same altitude, same aspect, same aerial direction.
Very odd that my 2yo Smart UHD TV cannot find FV 107 the 24 hours BBC news though, even after an auto retune.
A bit like that song by Toyah.
 TV channel question - tyrednemotional
You don't say how long this has been an issue. There are various Freeview transmitter moves happening as we speak, though there have been none on Winter Hill (which I think will be your transmitter - though you might be on a Freeview-Lite repeater, that would explain a lot)) for a year or more.

106 (BBC4HD) is on the multiplex COM8, which also has channels 56, 64, 83, 91, 93, 96, 111, 112, 114, and 115 (and the 205 which timeshares the same frequency). If none of these appear in the channel listings, then the COM8 multiplex is not being received. That could be aerial or signal-strength related. COM8 is shown as a good signal in Settle, but is, I think, out-of-band on Winter Hill. I think BBC4HD wasn't originally on COM8 either, but will have been for some time, but it could be an aerial-banding issue.

107 (BBC News HD) is on multiplex COM7, which also has channels 57, 67, 74, 78, 92, 99, 109, 110, 113, so you may want to check if these are listed on your TV (if not, you aren't receiving the multiplex). COM7, however, should be in-band for an older aerial.

Edited to add - If you are pointing at Winter Hill, COM7 is on UHF Channel 55 (don't confuse this with the Logical Channel Numbers for the programs). You could always try a manual tune against Channel 55 to see if it can see a signal (that should pull in all the LCNs shown just above as being on COM8)
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 TV channel question - No FM2R
TnE is quite correct but I suspect his answer does more to confirm my statement "It is pretty much impossible for anybody to sort remotely" than to resolve your actual issue.

Consult a local expert. Are you lucky enough to have an actual A/V shop nearby rather than simply a general store? They are frequently run by people who actually know the local issues.
 TV channel question - Stuartli
The Winter Hill Freeview channel transmissions are due to be updated on Wednesday, October 23rd and a retune will be necessary.

They cover the Liverpool, Manchester, Lancashire, Cheshire and north Staffordshire
Transmitter group according to the Freeview website and there has been an onscreen message about the need to retune.

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