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 Outlook - maltrap
On my Outlook page i had a "reply" button.
This button no longer appears.
Have i done something to cause this, or is Outlook just being awkward ?
 Outlook - nice but dim
Might be able to help


Oulook (Web), Outlook 2013/16 or Outlook Express?
 Outlook - maltrap
It's on my desktop & just says Outlook.
It was installed about 2 years ago.
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 Outlook - smokie
You may have inadvertently collapsed the ribbon
 Outlook - maltrap
My computer doesn't have Office installed.
 Outlook - smokie
Outlook is part of Office.
 Outlook - tyrednemotional
>> Outlook is part of Office.

Maybe semantics, but not really.

Outlook is included in some "Office" purchases and subscriptions, but not in others.

I'm not sure if you can still licence Outlook as a standalone product, but you certainly could in the past (at least up to Outlook 2016).

If the OP wants to check which version it is, and assuming it is a standalone version, then clicking on "Help" in the menu, and then "About.....(Outlook or Microsoft Office Outlook or similar), should furnish that information, and may help in diagnosis.
 Outlook - smokie
OK I had in mind that the OP had maybe discounted the possible solution to which I linked as it referred to Office. Hence my sloppy reply.
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