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 Pop Ups - Robbie34
I keep getting these pop ups that come from Microsoft and are a nuisance. They pop up before I open Chrome and often stop Chrome from opening. When this happens I have to open Task Manager and end Google Crash Handler as well as Google Chrome on Task Manager.

Does anyone know how I can permanently stop these?
 Pop Ups - No FM2R
Pop ups from Microsoft - Are you sure? What do they say?
 Pop Ups - Zero
they sound like windows error messages, and it seems likely they come from an issue with chrome. Delete chrome from your system and reinstall.
 Pop Ups - Robbie34
They are not error messages and they appear without a browser running and just getting emails. They also appear on E. Some are in Russian. I even get some from Netflix.

I'll do a search on Google and see if I can solve the problem
 Pop Ups - No FM2R
I'm guessing it's some kind of Adware trying to redirect you. Don't forget, getting emails is still an internet connection, just without a browser.

A free Panda Cloud-Scan will get pretty much everything. Def. free and def. safe. They do have paid products, but you don't want them.

Click on Scan Now
Save the file
Run the file
Yes to allow it to make changes
Next to allow it to install
Next to allow it to choose a directory
Finish to run

Run that and see what you get.
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 Pop Ups - Robbie34
After a lengthy search I have cracked it.

Go to settings - Notifications - Turn off bottom three items.
 Pop Ups - Bromptonaut
>> Go to settings - Notifications - Turn off bottom three items.

I thought it might be that but clearly there are others here with more IT knowledge.

Notifications are a bit of a menace. I'm OK getting them from Facebook and its professional counterpart Workplace. Not wanted from most other sources but a 'pop up' that says 'Allow Notifications Yes/No' seems to come up on more and more sites.

Some months ago, on my work PC I accessed site of a local newspaper in Shetland. Can't remember if there was something work related; may have been in innovative way of delivering foodbank services in v rural area OTOH maybe something around my personal love for remote bits of Scotland.

Whichever, I foolishly allowed notifications. For a week or two I knew more about disruptions to Shetland ferry than I thought possible....
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