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 Random/Shuffle Play - Bromptonaut
I have a playlist on Amazon. Runs to about 170 tracks/ten hours. Nothing special just a collection of songs and tunes that memory etc says are worth hearing again while doing stuff - including driving.

Can play it on my PC, on request to Alexa or on my phone as bluetooth stream to car hi-fi.

So why, if I say 'Alexa Shuffle My Playlist' do some few tracks come up every time?

Used it four times in last three days. On each one particular track comes up each time witihn first twenty minutes.

Same seemed to be case when tracks were purchased/ripped and stored on an MP3 device

How does random/shuffle actually work?
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 Random/Shuffle Play - No FM2R
Random/shuffle essentially works by adding together a few random pieces of data from each track and then playing them in that order.

So ridiculously simply example = modification date -37 + creation date +2 * number of times played/3 + the mean temperature on the day you first acquired it *43 = ?

And that's called an algorithm.

The relevance of each factor chosen, the number of factors chosen, how they are treated and an understanding of what gives the best illusion of randomness lead to the best algorithm. It's still not random, but it may be perceived as such. "Perceived" because 'random' cannot actually exist.

I don't use Amazon, but I have heard comments that it is not the best algorithm in the business.
 Random/Shuffle Play - Zero
Do not get into shuffle/random play algorithms!!!! The Apple fanbois were in a lather about the effectiveness of Itunes shuffle for years, with many trying months of permanent shuffle to prove the effectiveness thereof.
 Random/Shuffle Play - CGNorwich
“Random cannot actually exist”

That’s a bold statement in a quantum universe.
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