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 Browser recommendation please - smokie
I can't seem to fix the problem I have with Chrome, whereby cookies are screwed up - for instance on this site sometime new posts will be flagged properly but more often they won't. The impact varies from site to site.

Even though I still like Chrome, I've decided to try a different browser for a change so I'm looking for recomendations.

Must be able to handle a large number of concurrently open tabs, remember passwords, include spell checking and not be too greedy on memory (Chrome is!)

Also I'm interested in secure browsing, and I tried the Epic privacy browser but it seems a little out of the mainstream for me, for reasons I can't really describe. For one thing, it doesn't use Google search by default, which I'd prefer, though maybe I could configure it to do that. It also seemed to have an issue with cookies so could be Chrome based - so maybe a Chrome based browser is best avoided (buit I'll try anything).

Lastly I like a browser which carries my stuff between devices e.g. passwords, bookmarks etc, so that my Android and Windows experience is the same.

So... thoughts please...

[Typed on a new install of Firefox]
 Browser recommendation please - No FM2R
Unhelpfully I was going to recommend Firefox. I find it the least troublesome of all the alternatives.

I dallied with Waterfox for a while but it's not worth the effort.

Firefox does all I wish, is customisable to behave as I wish, and rarely, if ever, gives any issue.
 Browser recommendation please - bathtub tom
I don't have many of the demands you require, but after using firefox, I moved to waterfox, which has caused me no problems.
 Browser recommendation please - smokie
At least the cookies are working as expected on Firefox, and it seems to have sync'd with the phone to some degree. I think I'll give it a try over the next few days (though the spell checker isn't working tthe same as it does on Chrome - no underscore of mis-spells, and I think I turned it on)
 Browser recommendation please - VxFan
Have you tried the "reset and clean up" option in settings?

Or does Chrome have some kind of repair option?
 Browser recommendation please - smokie
Thanks Dave, I hadn't but I have now. Takes a bit of time to re-create the 23 tabs I have opening on startup... :-)

It's not immediately obvious whether the problem is fixed. Car4play is my barometer but I need some activity to see if the new flags are working properly. (Interestingly they seem mostly OK on other sites, but some other cookie-related bits aren't.)

Quite liking Friefox though... :-)

EDIT: Just noticed Friefox - spelling check had been turned off. Now on and working OK.
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 Browser recommendation please - Ambo
Have you tried Edge? I prefer Internet Explorer but my computer man said it would not be supported much longer and put me on this. I find it more awkward, especially the way it treats Favorites and it comes with a lot more adverts and news links. I don't like Chrome or Firefox either so revert to IE while the going is good. I expect you know about DuckDuckGo, which is different in that doesn't leave tracks.
 Browser recommendation please - Ambo
Actually, it is Windows 10 (which I have) that may nor be supported.
 Browser recommendation please - devonite
Ccleaner Secure Browser works well, light on resources, and seems stable enough, I,ve tried it a few times but tend to stick with Chrome .
 Browser recommendation please - VxFan
>> Have you tried Edge? I prefer Internet Explorer but my computer man said it would
>> not be supported much longer and put me on this.

I hate Edge. Just cannot get used to it.

As for IE version 11, hope not. Also it's the default browser on all PCs at work, and I've just asked our IT dept and they've not heard anything about it, other than IE 10 no longer being supported after January 31, 2020

Found this on

Is Internet Explorer 11 the last version of Internet Explorer?

Yes, Internet Explorer 11 is the last major version of Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer 11 will continue receiving security updates and technical support for the lifecycle of the version of Windows on which it is installed.
 Browser recommendation please - VxFan
>> Thanks Dave, I hadn't but I have now.

Another thought. Are you using CCleaner or an equivalent product and haven't tweaked it to ignore certain cookie deletions?

Also if you go into the admin section of the forum and then log out when finished, that will also clear the C4P cookie. Best just to close it down without logging off and it won't delete the cookie.
 Browser recommendation please - God
I use 4 browsers everyday = IE, Chrome, Opera, and Waterfox.

I use Waterfox mainly, followed by Chrome, then IE and Opera.

The worst browser is IE IMO. I also have Firefox installed, but prefer to use Waterfox.
 Browser recommendation please - Robbie34
I have recently downloaded Brave. It is very much like Chrome, but faster and more effective at blocking ads.
 Browser recommendation please - smokie
I did try Brave but it had the same problems as Chrome so I assumed is based on the same engine.

Dave's clean-up suggestion has changed things, although I would hesitate to say it's fixed them for a day or two.

But I am still going to have a go at the others suggested as Chrome seems to be pretty resource hungry, and somewhat clumsy in places.

I never especially liked IE, for no good reason that I can recall, so I never properly tried Edge - which I ought to, as it's embedded in Windows 10.

Thanks for the ideas. I'll come back in a bit with my thoughts.
 Browser recommendation please - CGNorwich
They’d all do the same thing don’t they? Never really noticed much difference.
 Browser recommendation please - Zero
I cant fathom this at all, "what browser do I use" "I have three" "you cant beat foxsheet its better than foxpoo"

I have a browser. It works. Get a life, worry about something that matters.
 Browser recommendation please - smokie
Well that's chuff chuffing rude! :-)

As it happens mine doesn't work hence the query....
 Browser recommendation please - Zero
You dicked about with it. I bet its got more dodgy extensions than a 60's housing estate
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 Browser recommendation please - smokie
I didn't actually. Ghostery and Edit This Cookie were on, and Google Docs and Google Sheets are still on. I've never been that keen on extensions, don't trust them!!! I don't even put them on to try then delete them. I like to be in control myself of what's going on on my machine...

(The two inactive ones above had been running fine for years and I doubt they cause the problem)
 Browser recommendation please - MD
Duckduckgo and chrome
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