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I am convinced they have a sensor in the router that knows when I have a huge urgent report to upload.

The router then severs the connection to the exchange.

This is not the first time this has happened when I have a huge file to upload to work.

Their helpdesk says there is a fault at the exchange. Second time in 3 months and its getting annoying.

Unfortunately they were the only ones that could connect me to FTTC when a slot became available on our minuscule cabinet otherwise I would have gone with someone else.

OpenReach had 6 vans and about a dozen workers in the road round the corner last week laying cables. I bet someone is getting FTTH in some of the mansions up the road. I should have stopped to ask them but was already late.

Currently running on 4g at 4mbs and on 85gb left of my allowance!

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 Talk Talk Internet - rant - God
I'm with John Lewis bb (Plusnet) and have received sterling service from them regarding an intermittent fault - had an Openreach engineer 'ere twice in recent weeks, one chap was here for 2 hours! All's well now.
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