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 HP F 4272 - maltrap
My HP F4272 printer is on the blink.
If i have to resort to replacing it i would prefer a printer that takes the same cartridges'
HP 300. Is there a way to find out what machines use these cartridges. I replaced them not long ago at £30 per cartridge
 HP F 4272 - Zero
I typed into google "what printers use HP 300 cartridges" and it told me

HP Deskjet D1660, D2560, D2660, D5560, F2420, F2480, F2492, F4210, F4224, F4272, F4280, F4580 printers and HP Photosmart C4670, C4680, C4685, C4780 inkjet printers.
 HP F 4272 - maltrap
Thanks Zero
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