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 Ad Blocker Recommendation - Clk Sec
Can anyone recommend a decent ad blocker for my Amazon Fire (Silk) tablet, Please?
 Ad Blocker Recommendation - devonite
If it's on a windows system I can offer to recommend Ad blocker or Ad blocker plus.
 Ad Blocker Recommendation - Crankcase
I'd be interested in this too. Not found one to date.
 Ad Blocker Recommendation - Duncan
I am using AdBlocker Ultimate and Adblock plus. Seems to do the biz.
 Ad Blocker Recommendation - devonite
Sorry the name is Adblock and adblock plus (no er on end)
 Ad Blocker Recommendation - Duncan
>> Sorry the name is Adblock and adblock plus (no er on end)

Sorry, I have just hovered my mouse on the little icon top right of the screen and it says "AdBlocker Ultimate (with er on end)
 Ad Blocker Recommendation - No FM2R
I don't think any of those will work on a Fire.
 Ad Blocker Recommendation - devonite
It seems we are both right! just checked, Adblocker is a different program! icon - shield with a red background, Adblock plus icon - red stop sign with ABP init ;-) - might try that one thanks!
 Ad Blocker Recommendation - Robin O'Reliant
Ad blockers are all very well, but if we want free internet...?
 Ad Blocker Recommendation - No FM2R
Conversely, if businesses want us to look at adverts, then stop them being annoying. If they're not annoying, if they don't slow everything down, then nobody will bother to block them.
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