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 Cabling new house? - Manatee
We are currently at the planning stage of building our replacement house.

This will be a two storey one with underfloor heating. Apparently I should expect wifi problems upstairs if the router is downstairs, as the aluminium heat spreader blocks the signal.

Should I take the opportunity to put some ethernet cables in?

It will be a timber framed house and there will be no problem running services around before the plasterboard goes up.

What are the opportunities here? I have a feeling there might be some I'm not aware of. Or should I just use an extender?

Expertise welcome:)
 Cabling new house? - Zero
Running some cat7 from a socket at the bottom at ground to one at floor 1 for data backbone is peanuts, about 25 quid and is a given. As is Coax cable from the loft to 1st floor and ground floor for TV/SAT

Now as for the heat spreader acting as a shield for mobile phone signal, who knows if a: its a problem or b: what the solution to design in now is.
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 Cabling new house? - No FM2R
I couldn't decide what I wanted where. Because it is a stone built house with some walks up to a metre thick, then WiFi was simply impractical more than one room apart.

I ran Cat 7 throughout my house when I renovated it. And then it all went to a patch panel in one of the utility rooms.

That same utility room was where services such as TV, Satellite, Broadband, Phone arrived. I could then feed whatever service I wished to whichever room I wished and change it as I wished.

One of the brighter things I did which served me well.
 Cabling new house? - No FM2R
Depends on the house, but I also had a single switch by the door which would override all but a few lights making sure the house was largely switched off when I went out.
 Cabling new house? - Fullchat
You can never have enough hard wiring for internet and TVs. If you have the opportunity in a new build/renovation go for it.
Also consider alarm cabling and plug sockets?.
The price of cable and all the hardware is peanuts bought from wholesalers.
 Cabling new house? - neiltoo
We built our house in th 80s. Semi basement in masonry, with a concrete beam and block ground floor. 2 storeys above in timber frame.

Installed 6 telephone points - now only use 1

Installed 3 TV points - need more

Dozens of power sockets - need another dozen

BT router on G floor reaches all parts of the house, including through solid floor to basement.


 Cabling new house? - Falkirk Bairn
A son bought a new house in December.
It is brand new & standard kit in the new home included

Minimum of 4 network points per room.
All rooms are pre-wired for speakers - only the lounge/kitchen/cinema room actually had speakers. Drawings showing where to gain access to the cabling to connect your speakers
All outside lighting / cameras are smartphone controlled as are the pool lighting/heating controls.

All this wiring comes back to the WC - Wiring Closet for all electronics, hubs, BB,lighting controllers.

He no longer has cable TV - offers 100's of channels foc and smart TVs are plugged into the wiring - the basic $50 youtube charge per month. All you can eat European football is $15 extra per month - all Premiership games live at 3pm Saturday our time - 9am for him.
 Cabling new house? - Manatee
Thanks, food for thought. Need to do a lot of research.
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