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 Microsoft Account - Fullchat
Having recently 'upgraded' from 7 to 10 I am in the process of reinstalling applications etc.

When it comes to Microsoft and the Microsoft Account I seem to be going round in circles with messages popping that Ive been locked out of my account. They seem desperate for my phone number, which i'm reluctant to provide, so I can finalise my account. This cant be right can it?
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 Microsoft Account - smokie
I can't remember how Microsoft updates went for me but quite a few sites and apps are using two step identification which often involves your phone on some way - either acknowledging a message (e.g. Google) or getting a code to type in. So I wouldn't be surprised. Some might see it as an incursion on their privacy, I ten towards it being an additional level of security for me and my data.
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 Microsoft Account - Zero
Dont install 10 using a MS account.
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