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 Mac mini - Lemma
Has anybody any experience with a Mac mini 2018+, when they significantly upgraded the range? I don’t do Windows and am happy, via the company, to pay for Apple kit, within reason.

I have a 27” iMac, a lovely machine and a joy to use if a bit slow and laggy at times. However for obscure financial reasons, tax etc, it is time to replace it. A new, updated equivalent would cost well over £1k more than the one it will replace! I am planning to buy a Mac mini with a good quality monitor Etc and save over 20% in replacement costs.

I use the kit for general computing duties - browsing, email spreadsheets etc - and also for photo processing. This is where it lags and why I am planning a replacement - an i7, 16GB ram 512GB SSD, with additional SSD and disc storage.

This sort of spec should whizz things along quite nicely but there is a suggestion that the Installed graphics card is not the best. It is possible to use an external graphics card if necessary, I don’t think it will be as I don’t do video but it is a feasible option.

I have never used a mini, but they seem very popular since the upgrade. I would welcome any experience, comments or thoughts.

 Mac mini - Zero
Think there has been another 2020 upgrade. They are not that popular, and tend to slow down due to thermal throttling if pushed a bit hard.

 Mac mini - Lemma
Thank you, that is very interesting to hear. I will certainly check that out. I don't do video which is really heavily, although i wouldn't rule it out at some time in the future. The 202 upgrade was simply to storage/price but with no major component changes. Effectively the same machine.
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