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 Best phone copy app. or other suggestions - hawkeye
It's way past time to retire my Nokia 5; there's not enough storage. I've bought a Samsung S9 and I want to be able to copy the apps etc. onto the new phone so I get the same start screen and I know where everything is. Excuse me for mentioning Windows Mobile but changing phones was a doddle a few years ago. Anyone able to help me out with a recommendation or advice?

Thanks in advance.

Edit; the phone apparently backs up to Google; will a restore do the trick?
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 Best phone copy app. or other suggestions - smokie
If both phones are using the same Google account then when you set up the phone it will usually grab (nearly) all of your apps and data during the setup phase. I have had it miss a few but I suspect these might have been ones which were no longer valid for one reason or another.

I have used programs which you can explicitly backup specific programs and data but for me they haven't been 100% reliable (as some app authors can prevent it copying data - e.g.Candy Crush).

I'm not sure you can copy the start screen but you will probably find you have more screen space available so you can improve your start screen anyway, It's not that difficult or time-consuming.

One thing to watch out for is that your contacts have all come across as in my experience, unless you were careful, it used to seem fairly random whether they were stored on your SIM card or in your phone. I can't remember how (so come back if you need help) but there was a way to move them all from one to the other. That alone is a good reason to delay ditching the old SIM and phone too quickly.
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 Best phone copy app. or other suggestions - hawkeye
Thanks for the quick reply. I may have been a bit premature asking for help. The phone seems to be as new and came in its retail box with bits and pieces. In there was advice to use Samsung Smart Switch. It seems to be doing its stuff with the apps as I type. Time will tell ...

All my contacts and calendar are on Outlook so I'm pretty sure they will be around.

Amazingly, all the charging cables and the 2 wireless chargers that I have kept from my obsolete Lumias seem to work. Never throw anything out; hoarding has paid off in this case!

Ta again.
 Best phone copy app. or other suggestions - smokie
Good. You may find that chargers and cables work considerably faster than your older stuff, due to new standards.

I would be interested if your Home screen ends up looking like your old one. That'd be quite cool.
 Best phone copy app. or other suggestions - hawkeye
Well I used the Samsung app but declined to use all the other Samsung stuff. Consequently I've had to manually copy my own home screen. The apps are there; my app login details are there but my 40 saved WiFi networks are missing, which is annoying. So, not cool and pretty underwhelming. The phone itself seems OK and is comparatively blindingly fast.
 Best phone copy app. or other suggestions - Zero
The idea of copying a wallpaper, home screen and look set up, across quite a few versions of Android from the sound of it, was pretty much a non starter.
 Best phone copy app. or other suggestions - hawkeye
I wouldn't know; I'm just a dim user :)

Microsoft seemed to manage it with Windows Mobile.

Ooops.! There I go again :x
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