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 Phone help? - Crankcase
I currently get texts from my bank(s) to authorise stuff when I'm at home. I need this.

I have an iPhone 5. I have no signal (with any provider) in the house.
The iPhone 5 does not support texts or calls over wifi, so I've had to use an app from my PAYG sim provider that does this. The provider is 3, and the app is called Three in Touch. It picks up texts sent to my phone number when I have no mobile signal but do have wifi.

Today I used the app, to be told as of the 15th of this month it will stop working. I can't find another app in the apple store that will replace it.

Any suggestions for creative solutions at a low cost? I've already discarded buying a new iphone (how much!!??).

It's pretty annoying to be forced into buying/learning a whole new bit of kit just to get the occasional but vital text, nor do I want to ditch my perfectly good iphone with many apps and settings on it. So it might have to be two devices, one of which will only ever be used to get a text every week or so.

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