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 WiFI (Google Home) light switching - smokie
I'd like to increase the amount of home automation technology I use around the house.

I already have a number of LIFX bulbs which are WiFi controlled, but I want to do more with room ceiling lights while keeping the cost down (i.e. not buying individual bulbs for multi-bulb units)

As far as I can see, the replacement wall switches all require Live and Neutral as they need a constant power source, which we don't have on our lighting rings.

I guess I could get more of the inline switches and poke them into the ceiling void behind the rose but that would leave me with no manual override if the WiFi was down, and they probably also won't work anyway due to lack of L and N.

I could (and in some rooms have) use movement detectors to turn on lights automatically but they are a pain as they do not detect you sitting watching TV so turn off at the allotted time. And I'd quite like to be able to control them remotely.

Does anyone got any other thoughts on how I could do it, apart from the usual old one about just getting up and turning them on manually?
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