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 Delete whole folder contents - Ambo
I have large numbers of files in the Deleted and Sent folders of Outlook Express (using BT Internet) in Office Outlook 2007. In each case I want to delete all folders with a single command while keeping the then-empty folders. I have not tried this for some time but IIRC the command was CTRL C. That no longer works neither does any other combination I have tried.

Have I got the command correct? If so it has somehow been cancelled. How can I restore it please?
 Delete whole folder contents - Ambo
That is, CTRL C to highlight the whole folder contents, then Delete.
 Delete whole folder contents - tyrednemotional
....I'm rusty on old software, but try CTRL;A instead....

(Thats CTRL and A - rather than C)
 Delete whole folder contents - Crankcase
Don't forget to choose "purge deleted messages" from the Edit menu afterwards, otherwise you've just marked them for deletion (and hidden them) and not actually saved any real space. Bit like actually emptying the recycle bin on your Windows desktop from time to time.

Of course, once you've purged them there is virtually no chance of getting anything back if you change your mind about one of them tomorrow.
 Delete whole folder contents - Ambo
Got it, thanks
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