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 Whatsapp - how does it make money? - Bobby
As the question says, how does it make money?

I know FB bought it for zillions a few years ago but as a regular user, it doesnt cost me anything and I dont even see any adverts on my FB suggesting it is picking up whatsapp info.

Is it all on the premis of maybe charging users in the future once they feel they cant live without it?
 Whatsapp - how does it make money? - Crankcase
Well if WhatsApp don't give Priti Patel the security back door she desperately wants in all encrypted traffic, it'll probably become illegal to use it anyway, so I wouldn't worry too much.

Oh wait, MPs use it, you say? That'll be interesting.

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 Whatsapp - how does it make money? - CGNorwich
There you go.
 Whatsapp - how does it make money? - Zero
That's a long winded way of saying "they sell data about you and your contacts to others"
 Whatsapp - how does it make money? - neiltoo
As someone said - maybe on here -
If you're not making money from the internet, you're the product.

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