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 Ludditery - legacylad
I barely understood a word of smokie’s latest comment on the PRINTER thread.
My 19yo desktop, with a huge old cathode ray type screen, takes 5 +minutes to come alive, and no longer speaks to my HP printer. It’s hard wired and maybe the inks dried up, but the HP doesn’t even spit out blank pages.
My old Dell laptop had a new battery a few years ago, but it’s so slow I’ve given up on it.
I do my googling stuff, email, buying trips, flights etc on my old Ipad Air which connects wirelessly to my Canon printer.
I’ve been unable to print letters for some time, but today I downloaded Word onto the Ipad, typed something, and it printed out wirelessly. Boy was I impressed with myself.
I’m much happier doing building jobs, mixing cement, sanding, painting and wild camping than trying to understand technology. But this mornings success has stimulated me to possibly get a new laptop ( or maybe even a very basic MAC) so I can view all the photos I’ve got on memory sticks, and haven’t viewed since the desktop and laptop went kaput.
 Ludditery - bathtub tom
Do you get a message about updating?

Just asking, because after a recent visit to friends, revealed they're still on Windows 7 and ignore update messages.
 Ludditery - smokie
Sorry about that!! :-)

But five times I've mixed cement this year to repair "pointing" between paving stones, and three times it has crumbled after a few weeks. It's just horse for courses!! :-)

And well done with your own IT upgrades!!

 Ludditery - smokie
btw here is my most recent IT project.

I have just got a new phone as the old one was suffering awful battery life. I tend to leave my phone on charge overnight and thought that maybe this was contributing to poor battery life.

So using Tasker with IFTTT and a Sonoff Smart socket which I had lying around, I now turn off the charger at the wall when the phone reaches 100% charged.

I'm still not sure it is triggering reliably, and I don't really care, as I subsequently found that modern phones take better care of batteries, but the capability has even impressed me, and has opened up a whole raft of useless projects to waste time on, now I can't find anything interesting to do with the Raspberry Pi!! :-)
 Ludditery - Manatee
Apparently if you can stop it charging at 85% it is even better for battery health. My old Sony phone had an app/function for this and did it on its own. I can't find it on my wife's newer Sony or any equivalent for my 3 year-old Huawei which is starting to flag a bit.
 Ludditery - No FM2R
>>my 3 year-old Huawei which is starting to flag a bit.

If the battery is going to last 3 years before it starts to flag, is it really worth worrying about?

It's not an expensive replacement, always assuming that you keep the phone longer than that.
 Ludditery - smokie
Batteries aren't always easily replacements, as many phones are now officially not fiddlable with. However YouTube will usually help with the how, and eBay with the new battery.

However I swapped the battery in two phones and either the replacements were a bit duff or it wasn't the battery at fault, as the battery life improved, but not back to Day 1 performance.

may be something to do with teh 180 apps I had installed though, and using the HD screen almost continually at times for hours on end... The new phone seems much better though (and has a larger battery!)
 Ludditery - No FM2R
>>Batteries aren't always easily replacements

I guess that depends on your definition of "easy". But I haven't encountered one yet that was too difficult. Certainly less effort than dicking about with your charging levels for 3 years.
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