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I barely understood a word of smokie’s latest comment on the PRINTER thread.
My 19yo desktop, with a huge old cathode ray type screen, takes 5 +minutes to come alive, and no longer speaks to my HP printer. It’s hard wired and maybe the inks dried up, but the HP doesn’t even spit out blank pages.
My old Dell laptop had a new battery a few years ago, but it’s so slow I’ve given up on it.
I do my googling stuff, email, buying trips, flights etc on my old Ipad Air which connects wirelessly to my Canon printer.
I’ve been unable to print letters for some time, but today I downloaded Word onto the Ipad, typed something, and it printed out wirelessly. Boy was I impressed with myself.
I’m much happier doing building jobs, mixing cement, sanding, painting and wild camping than trying to understand technology. But this mornings success has stimulated me to possibly get a new laptop ( or maybe even a very basic MAC) so I can view all the photos I’ve got on memory sticks, and haven’t viewed since the desktop and laptop went kaput.
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