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 Domain name registrar - Crankcase
I used to be an IT person. These days I barely remember how to use a mouse.

My IT illiterate sister has asked me about transferring her domain name, set up years ago with Weebly, to another provider "as she no longer wants a website".

Any recommendations for a cheap easy to use reliable UK based registrar?
 Domain name registrar - smokie
Mine is with 1and1. You get a webspace by default but they have an advert landing page if you don't upload a site. Can't remember where they are based but I've used their support a couple of times over many years without problems. By default it happily auto-renews (with advance reminders) so long as your payment method is still valid.

I just use mail forwarding.

I think they all cost about the same. Maybe 1and1 used to be Namezero as I also remember using them at some point (I have 6 domains)
 Domain name registrar - VxFan
I use UK2. No idea if they're competitively priced or not. A colleague recommended them to me a couple of years ago and have had no problems at all with them.

I think I get 5 email addresses by default, but you can pay extra if you want more. And you also get a website by default too, but I haven't bothered with any of that. I only use it for emails.

My only gripe with them is their web based email page, which I use to access my emails when away from my desktop PC (eg at work). The preview pane used to be at the bottom of the screen, which is my personal choice on any email software I use. But they've now changed the layout to have the preview age on the RH side of the screen, and there isn't any options in the settings menu to change it. I have emailed them about it, and they replied saying that they have had several other complaints about the new layout too. A couple of months on I'm still waiting to see if they will provide an option to change it.
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 Domain name registrar - Crankcase
Thanks both - I've passed the details on, so hopefully it will help her.
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