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I take my car across the Channel or over to Ireland several times a year in the course of my work or indeed holidays. Most of the time security checks are cursory or you just get waved through, but occasionally I've had a random stop and search which has included the steering wheel and door handles being sort of swabbed by some kind of hand held device.

I've never asked what it was they were checking for, but I suppose I theorised that it was to check for traces of drugs?

So sorry to hear about your friend Zippy. I lost my best friend many years ago when he was run over by a drunk driver. We had been more or less inseparable since we were 4 years old until he was killed when he was 28. Such a waste, and almost certainly as a direct result, I have zero tolerance for anyone who drinks and drives. I probably do know people who use drugs and drive, but I'm so naïve about these things that I can't be sure.

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