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 Skoda Octavia II - 06 2.0 Alarm Trouble - Alastairw
Suddenly this afternoon the alarm went off, for no apparent reason. The car had been parked in the same position all morning. I relocked the car, but over the next hour or so it went off again and again. Colleagues suggested various fixes:

1. Relock all doors
2. Open and close everything.
3. Open and clean filler cap etc.

Nothing has worked - it still goes off every few minutes, seemingly at random. I am fast losing patience with it, though it seems quiet at the mo.

I would therefore be grateful for any other suggested causes, and if possible a way to disable the alarm so it doent wake the neighbours all night.

If its relevant, it is below freezing, and was below -10 degrees last night, though it has always been fine until now.

Thanks in advance

 Skoda Octavia II - 06 2.0 Alarm Trouble - Skoda
Hi Alastair, i don't know how to fix it but...

The car records the last few alarm activations, and which sensor triggered it. A quick look via VCDS or dealer VAS tool will likely pinpoint 1 sensor tripping it repeatedly.

I guess the default solution is to get bounce a few dealers / indies off one and other for a cheap diagnostics session, but i'd find someone local to you on one of the owners forums with VCDS and message them to query the alarm with VCDS in exchange for some beer. You need someone with HEX+CAN or MicroCAN version.

For a quick fix, depending on what's causing it to trip, i'd try locking it from the keyfob, then press the lock button once more. That disables the interior sensors and the sensor for movement of the car.

Hope this helps
 Skoda Octavia II - 06 2.0 Alarm Trouble - ....
Check the backup battery in the siren.
 Skoda Octavia II - 06 2.0 Alarm Trouble - Alastairw
We are a step forward. Correspondent on Briskoda suggests it may be a low battery, which is possible given the current temperature and a diet of short runs. Touch wood (taps head) it hasnt gone off for a couple of hours, and thankfully the remote works from inside the house. I have also found out how to turn the alarm off.

I'm going to get a mate of mine to scan the codes when he has a moment - he works for my chosen independant specialist.
 Skoda Octavia II - 06 2.0 Alarm Trouble - Dave_
This week I've seen an 03 Megane and an 08 Astra repeatedly triggering their alarms when locked shut in sub-zero temperatures - I wondered if it was something to do with convection inside them from the air vents messing with the motion sensors? I know this happens in very hot weather, not sure about very cold weather though. Low battery exacerbated by the cold would seem a sensible starting place to me.
 Skoda Octavia II - 06 2.0 Alarm Trouble - Fursty Ferret
Check the passenger footwell for dampness. If it's anything like the Passat, the body control computer (or "Comfort Control Module" as VAG like to call it) lives down there and a bit of useless design allows it to flood via the pollen filter.

Happened to mine, alarm went off randomly all night. Took me 2 hours to realise it was my car, as I lay in bed and cursed the neighbour who'd got a rubbish alarm...
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