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 Toyota HiLux Vigo - D4D - failed diesel injectors - a known fault? - Auntie Lockbrakes
BiL's 2006 HiLux 3.0D4D has been running rough and smoking... Early diagnosis is that the diesel injectors are knackered and have probably damaged the fuel pump too. It's now off the road, but the garage suspects he's made the damage worse by driving it for a few days in this state?

It's done 90k miles, but he bought it used barely 6 months ago. Local word of mouth is that this is a known fault on this engine? News to me. I'd have blamed wear & tear after 4 hard years? Didn't the early Volvo D5s suffer the same problem around 100k miles?
 Toyota HiLux Vigo - D4D - failed diesel injectors - a known fault? - Falkirk Bairn
Known issues with copper/aluminium injector seals - warranty extended to 5 yrs in some cases
Replacement engines fitted @ toyota expense. - someone else with similar problems - look and you will find more examples.
 Toyota HiLux Vigo - D4D - failed diesel injectors - a known fault? - Auntie Lockbrakes
Yep, saw BiL this afternoon and it is indeed the injector seals that are shot. Got to the garage before the turbo got too oiled up, but the water pump is on its way out too. 4 hours labour quoted for the injectors...
 Toyota HiLux Vigo - D4D - failed diesel injectors - a known fault? - Tigger
As I understand it ... the copper injector seals let exhaust fumes past, which enters the oil. The oil becomes gradually gunged up, and when the oil strainer gets blocked the engine can be terminally damaged due to oil starvation.

Definately not one to drive once the initial symptoms appear. Indeed, a number of people have taken the preemptive strike of changing the seals to aluminium - Later vehicles have aluminium injector seals from new which will hopefully be better.

Get the garage to examine the oil strainer - it may need cleaning.

As said, Toyota have extended the warranty and every case I'm aware of has been covered by Mr T.
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 Toyota HiLux Vigo - D4D - failed diesel injectors - a known fault? - -
Both problems seem to be with pre 08 3.0 litre Diesels, anything made 08 onwards should have uprated injectors and aluminium sealing washers, however the problems are not really connected.

The pre 08 injectors can sometimes be excessively noisy when cold but settle down once warm, when the now named 'death rattle' starts Toyota dealer will have the vehicle in and put it on diagnostics, if the leak off readings are outside a given range then new injectors are the order of the the vast majority of cases this will rear it's head within warranty but Toyota will repair under goodwill later**

Those same early injectors are sitting on copper seals and as rightly stated above the can allow blow by eventually resulting in massive engine failure, again Toyota have been very generous with goodwill.

**our Hilux went in last month for new injectors out of warranty under goodwill, courtesy car supplied free and as has been our experience of every single visit to our Northampton main dealer i simply can't fault them.
When i first mentioned the noise the service manager (very capable female by the way) was honest and open about the problem, no bull just straight and business like...obviously i'd researched and knew what the problem was anyway but the open honesty was reassuring.

Whilst the vehicle was in they gave the ECU a reflash and the truck has a lot more power than it did previously, new injector pipes and new aluminium seals so hopefully all good for a long service life.
Parts alone 1700+vat...glad it wasn't my bill.

Incidentally i'm of the opinion that being a proper customer by using the dealer for services including after warranty should (maybe not all makes) help with any problems that develop after warranty has expired.

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 Toyota HiLux Vigo - D4D - failed diesel injectors - a known fault? - Giles
I own a D4D 2.5 litre Hilux, model 2006. At 30,000kms it would stall just after starting, but ceased to do this after a service (no cause reported).

At 65,000 kms the problem returned, and the vehicle went in for the 75,000km service as planned, August 2011.

Toyota presented an estimate for Euros 4,423 to change the injectors (and the four seals). Toyota (France) claims they have no record of other injection problems .......... and not really interested as we are past the 3 year guarantee.

I would be very interested to have contact with anyone in a similar situation where Toyota has accepted responsibility

I can be contacted directly at

Many Thanks for any help
 Toyota HiLux Vigo - D4D - failed diesel injectors - a known fault? - -
The 2.5 isn't known for this problem as far as i'm aware, it's the earlier (pre 08) 3 litre engines that suffered.

Have you checked the HPOC forum (UK), or (Australia), or the South African forum for 'bakkies' as pick ups are known there?
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 Toyota HiLux Vigo - D4D - failed diesel injectors - a known fault? - Giles
Thanks for the tip. Have contacted the Local Bosch Injector service, and they were more useful than Toyota ... they tested and found no fault with the injectors, but a leakdown through the seals (copper) and advise to upgrade to the post 2008 aluminium before we start to do serious damage. They also advised that this was not the first they had seen, and further advised of a Toyota dealer in Spain that was changing them at Toyota cost for vehicles up to 7 years old ... Bravo for Spain, but sad state of affairs for Toyota generally with a total inconsistency between the different national groups. Have booked the vehicle for a change of the seals and verification of injectors on test bed, will know better later

Many Thanks,
 Toyota HiLux Vigo - D4D - failed diesel injectors - a known fault? - -
Thanks to you Giles, i didn't know the 2.5's suffered the same, the owners of those were breathing sighs of relief that they didn't have that potential problem, too soon it appears.

If the vehicle was in UK and a genuine UK model with a proper service history Toyota would sort this out no problem too.

Glad you have no injector probs....just one point to mention though, Toyota do not re-use the injector pipes once disconnected, what your indy does is up to you and him, best of luck with the truck anyhow.

Update us in due course please.
 Toyota HiLux Vigo - D4D - failed diesel injectors - a known fault? - Giles
Since the last message, there were several developments:

1. Toyota france has accepted partial responsibility for the replacement of the injectors.
2. The local Toyota Garage has also contributed for the replacement
3. We were asked to contribute 660 for the repairs (original estimate was 4,423)

We accepted as at some stage the discussion has to finish before the engine packs it in .... although the logic of why we should pay whilst the LC's of the same series (and same injectors) are entirely at Toyota cost, is not easy to understand.

Vehicle is repaired and back at work. Good luck to others with the same troubles, who are having to do battle with Toyota to get past the initial negative response
 Toyota HiLux Vigo - D4D - failed diesel injectors - a known fault? - -
Thanks for the update Giles, injectors needed after all it would appear.

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