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 GoodWood Speed Weekend - Zero
&VE day celebration

Live Coverage here, starts today at 10
 GoodWood Speed Weekend - smokie
Good find, thanks
 GoodWood Speed Weekend - Zero
11 Spits and a Hurricane now flying over Goodwood.
 GoodWood Speed Weekend - sherlock47
Is this live coverage?

Social distancing seems a little relaxed on the ground - or are they all plastic dummys?
 GoodWood Speed Weekend - Zero
yes and yes it does, and no they are not.

Impressed by the grid line up, including some DUKW's.

Someone has just gone up my road in a US deuce and a half.
 GoodWood Speed Weekend - smokie
It's footage from previous Festivals of Speed. Timetable and detail here, along with the year it happened.
 GoodWood Speed Weekend - PeterS
Well I live just down the road, and I haven’t seen or heard anything so I don’t think it can be live. Cars I might not hear. But a hurricane and 11 spitfires are a bit tricky to miss I think!
 GoodWood Speed Weekend - Zero
The Germans shot them all down.
 GoodWood Speed Weekend - Zero
A thought it was live but had my doubts when I saw the crowds.
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