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 Tyre kicking - legacylad
This was obviously passed down to me from my father who once a fortnight, pre football match, dragged me round garages in the Bradford district looking at cars. I don’t recall him wasting the salespersons time, but it was a regular 30 minute thing, between lunch and 3pm kick off, different garages, marques etc looking at anything with wheels, both new and second hand.

I’m thinking of changing at the moment and looking forward to when garages reopen so I can do a few test drives. Nothing specific in mind, or even body styles apart from 5 door hatch or estate. Maybe the feeling will pass !
 Tyre kicking - maltrap
Whilst looking at the review page on the HJ site for a Nissan Quashqai it came up with a site called Newcar that were offering a Quashqai Visia for £15K. Has anyone any experience of such sites. There were various other sites offering similair discounts, the reviews all seem positive.
What's the catch ?
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 Tyre kicking - Falkirk Bairn
I cannot comment on newcar discount but I looked at some brokers last year.

1)Some brokers pass you to the garage and the price is set. You deal with the garage arrange spec/pickup etc and pay the garage after examining car.
2)Some Brokers want you to pay them and then pick up the car from their offices. A bit dodgy as they could do a midnight flit. Equally if you pay the broker they are your supplier & not the franchised dealer - a "lemon car "and return of the same would be even more difficult.
 Tyre kicking - Lygonos
Bought a Shogun via in 2010.

Entirely painless process with email communication throughout.

Gave me a good p/x price for my Forester pretty much on trust.

They're a trading arm of Auto Union Finance.

Apparently the originial newcardiscount company folded in the mid-2000s owing AUF a stack so they took over all the assets and appear to have done a better job of things.

I bought the Shogun using credit card for the deposit meaning section 75 protection applied (it was under 30 grand, about 8 grand below list) in case there were significant issues.

Can't vouch for how they're faring now but reviews still seem positive.

Have also bought via who act as introducers to specific dealerships (eg my B250e came from a Nottinghamshire dealer)
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