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 Concours of Elegance Quiz - Zero
The Concours of Elegance Quiz, presented by Car & Classic

My score - 14
 Concours of Elegance Quiz - sooty123
I scored 10.
 Concours of Elegance Quiz - Robin O'Reliant
 Concours of Elegance Quiz - Avant
Many thanks for putting this up Zero.

11 for me - I wasn't much good at the photos.
 Concours of Elegance Quiz - smokie
Surprised myself with 9. Thanks
 Concours of Elegance Quiz - No FM2R
11. An awful lot of guessing.
 Concours of Elegance Quiz - legacylad
The 0-60 Beetle time
If I didn’t know I didn’t guess.
 Concours of Elegance Quiz - R.P.
 Concours of Elegance Quiz - Dave_
I scored 18. In my defence, I transported or at least saw quite a lot of the rare stuff when I worked in the luxury car movement industry. A surprising number of owners/collectors offered me a tour of their garages while I was there. Sample quote: "Would you like to come up to look in the other barn, and see all my Bentleys?"
 Concours of Elegance Quiz - hawkeye
13 - miserable score on the photos.

Good move Mr Z.
 Concours of Elegance Quiz - helicopter
I scored 15 /23,quite surprised myself.
I was much better on the photos scoring 9/13 than the trivia 5/9 plus got the Champagne Charlie question correct.
 Concours of Elegance Quiz - Netsur
10/23 - I am ashamed of myself not recognising the two Lamborghinis in the photo section and mistaking a Mangusta for the Mercedes Gullwing. Schoolboy errors.

However, my excuse for getting the Countach wrong is that I have seen the prototype in the flesh and not the later models which had different dashboards.
 Concours of Elegance Quiz - Lygonos
10/10 Yay!

Oh, it was out of 23?

Never mind...
 Concours of Elegance Quiz - Boxsterboy
I got 14. Quite tough some of the questions (that's my excuse)
 Concours of Elegance Quiz - zippy
A terrible quiz. Full of fake questions! Designed for libtards!
 Concours of Elegance Quiz - Zero
let me guess, you didnt do very well
 Concours of Elegance Quiz - zippy
>> let me guess, you didnt do very well

Better than some of the scores quoted above but still disappointed!
 Concours of Elegance Quiz - Oldgit
I guessed my way to 12 points. I know nothing about Classic car of that type nor am really interested. Only interested in Joe Blogg's cars of 50s onwards.
 Concours of Elegance Quiz - Avant
All right then Oldgit - try these. (Sorry - I haven't the time or the ability to attach photos.)

1 What was the model name of the Jowett utility sold alogside the Javelin?

2 What was the 1200cc version of the mid-50s Morris Oxford called?

3 On which make of car was the Marauder (1950) based?

4 Which make produced the Hunter ten years before the Hillman Hunter?

5 In car terms, which is the odd one out - Devon, Dorset, Hampshire, Cornwall, Somerset?

6 How would you know you were being followed at night by a Wolseley?

7 How much did the first Mini cost to buy in 1959?

8 Who made the Viceroy?

9 Who else, apart from Peugeot, made a 405?

10 Who produced the Equipe in the 1960s using Triumph components?

Last edited by: Avant on Sun 31 May 20 at 14:47
 Concours of Elegance Quiz - Oldgit
>> All right then Oldgit - try these. (Sorry - I haven't the time or the
>> ability to attach photos.)

1. Don't know
2. ditto
3. ditto
4. ditto
5. Austin Devon, Somerset, I know only
6. Illuminated Badge?
7. Ours cost about £563 IIRC
8. Vauxhall
9. No idea
10 Reliant?

Sorry for my unexpected ignorance, after all.
 Concours of Elegance Quiz - Lygonos
3/10 for me - 6, 8 and 10 (Bond)

 Concours of Elegance Quiz - Zero
With a grandfather who had a series of 1950's Austins, I can safely say there wasn't a Cornwall.
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