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 Scrappage Scheme After Lockdown - maltrap
Does the forum think a scrappage scheme or something similar might be introduced after the lockdown to kick start car sales ?
 Scrappage Scheme After Lockdown - Bromptonaut
>> Does the forum think a scrappage scheme or something similar might be introduced after the
>> lockdown to kick start car sales ?

Some dealers are already targeting deals at owners of older cars. I've had several ads from the Citroen dealer in Peterborough for example.
 Scrappage Scheme After Lockdown - smokie
I'm starting to think there will be two distinct groups of people after lockdown.

The first will be those hit hard financially by the virus, and the effect on them and their future prospects will be deep and long lasting. Mostly the younger generations, either in their early working years with less secure employment or with young families and large mortgages/other debts. Amongst these I think there will be a new layer of people who cannot pay their own way.

The second are those who weren't impacted so much and can't wait to get out spending again. Probably those younger people in the more secure public service jobs (nurses, police, teachers etc) and older people either with more reliable employment due to longer service or with steady decent pensions or pension pots. This group may well see the possibility of some bargains to be had, in high cost items like cars and houses.

I don't see why the motor industry should be given an advantage if others aren't. Also I reckon there could be a bit of resistance against cars from towns and government who have seen positive benefits from lower car usage. I read something earlier today that many motorists plan to use their cars less than they used to once this has settled down.
 Scrappage Scheme After Lockdown - Falkirk Bairn
Agreed the poor will take the hit as will the over extended of any age - even when they still have a regular job. Lots of jobs will disappear as companies shed numbers to keep their heads above water - it's not just the casual employed, it will be top to bottom.

Eldest son lost his job 15 months ago & it took him 6 months to find another. His wife works but with 2 kids, mortgage (no debts) they managed with dipping into their rainy day fund.

He was lucky to have the cash laid aside - Plan B was his 2 brothers & I would would fund him say £2,000 a month - not a huge amount but enough to pay for the things his wife's salary could not cover - it was not needed in the end.
 Scrappage Scheme After Lockdown - Terry
No point in a scrappage scheme:

- LOTS of other thing need public funds
- car companies may have pent up demand - so no need to bolster sales or production
- cars (ICE) increasingly seen as environmentally unattractive - not the long term future

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